The O-Ring is a mechanical gasket shaped like a doughnut ring. This instrument helps to unite the mechanisms by avoiding leakage and are essential to the functionality of the machinery. These gaskets can be used in static or dynamic applications. We are one of the leading O Ring Seals manufacturers in India. Our O ring Seals are readily made, affordable and durable, making them one of the most common seals found in machines across the globe. It is an elastomer loop with a circular cross-section that provides a seal on the interface.  These seals have the capacity to withstand large levels of pressure.

Factors to be considered when choosing O-Rings :

We are one of India’s largest O Ring Seals suppliers. To accommodate a wide variety of applications, O-rings and seals are made by us using various elastomers with different physical and chemical properties.

There are several considerations to remember when choosing the best O-ring for your application. These include operating conditions, chemical compatibility, sealing strength, temperature, durometer, size, and cost, etc.

  • Material used:

O-rings can be made from several different substances each of which has different properties. Some of the most common materials used are:

-> Nitrile: A commonly used material that is resistant to abrasive activity and is also tear-resistant. With a temperature scope between -54 and 149°C, Nitrile is ideal for use with hydraulic fluids, petroleum, and water. However, these O-rings are not endorsed for use with halogenated hydrocarbons, nitro hydrocarbons, phosphate ester, ketones, or brake fluid.

-> Fluoroelastomer(FFKM): Of all elastomers, this has the highest performing temperature and chemical properties, and low out-gassing and extractable properties. Often used in applications having high temperatures, they are heat-resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

->Silicone rubber: They are used in the foodservice industry because they are safe and non-toxic. Has high tensile strength, high-resilience, high-abrasion, and high tear-resistance. It lacks resistance to many fluid flows. Not recommended to be used for industrial purposes and has Poor compression set performance.

-> Ethylene propylene(EPDM): While not suitable for use with lubricants or fuels, ethylene propylene diene monomer O-rings offer strong resistance to moisture, steam, silicone, and grease. It is most well-known for its compression resistance and positive heat handling. It is a widely used material within hydraulic pumps and the aerospace sector and not recommended for Mineral oil products and hydrocarbon fluids

->Fluorocarbon(Viton): This O-ring is an all-in-one material. It is well designed for use with acids, petroleum, silicone fluids, and even certain halogenated hydrocarbons. Viton is an extremely versatile O-ring substance used in a range of appliance, automatic, and chemical processes but are not recommended on dynamic seals at low temperature

If you have questions about choosing the right O-ring for your application, don’t be afraid to contact us for help at Horiaki India Pvt. LTD. Our experts can answer any questions you may have about these small but vital sealing products.

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