It usually takes effort for finding the best and trusted wedding planner. But, imagining your ideal wedding, where you can see yourself in a wedding dress and walking in the aisle, cuts your worries in finding a planner. You are motivated, and you will do everything to make sure you’ll have a memorable wedding.

Couples should wisely pick a wedding planner that helps them wrangle all the necessary details. “More than of what I expected” this should be the phrase of every bride and groom after the wedding ceremony. To get more than what you pay, here are some tips for choosing the right wedding planner.

Narrow It Down

You can use websites to check some background information of the planner such as the recent and previous weddings they have done. Look for their photos online. Examine the style or passion of that specific wedding planner. Afterward, decide whether you like his or her style.

With your partner, evaluate the type of wedding service they usually offer. If they suit your “wants” and “needs” then it could be a good decision to hire them as your wedding planner. Don’t disregard their awards and membership in professional associations.

Attentive Communication

Communication with the consultant is an integral part of working your dream wedding into reality. Evaluate their response time to your email, text, or call, and when they immediately get back to you for less than 10 minutes, this means that they a good wedding planner. The planner should keep you updated with the preparations.

Friends Recommendation

A trusted friend is a priceless treasure. You trust your friend more than strangers, so consider their suggestions. Ask them the necessary details regarding with the wedding planner they know personally. Communicating and planning with your close friend helps you express your ideal wedding.

First Meeting Observation: Blue Or Red Flag

In the first meeting, you will have an idea of what wedding quality they offer. Personally ask them regarding with events they have done and scanned their portfolio. You can quickly identify if it is the perfect one if he or she coordinates with your wedding idea.

Observe their personality. Put your whole attention on your face-face interactions. If they are willing to listen to your side, it is a good sign. But, if they are too busy in reviewing their social media accounts, it’s likely not the right fit.

Ask Them During Consultation

Consultation is an opportunity for you to know well your planner, including their past projects and their educational background. According to Flottmeyer, author of the Magazine Company, it is essential to ask them if they are a member of any associations.

Picking a planner that is updated with the industry trends and the like will help you convinced that your money is worth paying.

Pricing Structure

Every wedding has its distinctions and usually, make a difference in price. The structure could be any of the following: Rate per hour, a flat fee, and a base fee. In any charge rate, find out what exactly should include in the plan. Examine the billing method as well. It is essential to communicate well with them to ensure that both parties have a proper agreement. 

Problem-Solving Personality

Nothing and no one is perfect. Always consider the fact that things don’t always go according to plan. Hence, you should hire a wedding planner that has an excellent skill for problem-solving because part of the job of a wedding planner is to handle unanticipated issues.

Contact Their References

Same with other job hiring strategies, hiring for wedding planner may follow the process. The planner provides contact information for their reference. Don’t be pressured to engage them immediately. Take time to contact their provided reference and inquire some essential facts and even background of that particular wedding planner.

Review the Contract

Before signing the agreement, read and sift through it. The contract should fit your budget. Ask the consultant on how they structure their fees. Listen carefully to their recommendations to examine if you can afford it.

Do not hesitate to question about the contract. Ask all the possible questions. As a couple, also consider the how the planner-vendor relationship works.

Talk About Your Budget

Make sure that your planner’s fees are good enough for your budget to refrain yourself from future financial issues. Sketch in your mind about how the consultant will work for your ideal wedding, and it should fit your financial status. A good wedding planner can do all the best thing they can do to bring your fantasy to life.

But, make sure that your vision can work into your budget to avoid undesirable situations. Make your budget worthwhile. Visit any event organizer online site such as Magnet Me for more discoveries regarding on how to have a deserving wedding planner and a perfect wedding event. 


Nowadays, couples make use of the technology in planning for their wedding. There is numerous app you can use to create and prepare the schedule of your wedding. But, there are some instances that most couple can’t avoid. Hence, consulting a wedding planner personally is an excellent move.

As such, there are some factors you should consider in choosing the right one including their personality, personal background, pricing structure, skills, and association they cooperate. Make sure to select the best one to turn your fantasy into reality, not a nightmare.