The straightening machine also called the flattening machine and the leveling machine is to flatten the uneven metal sheet by pressing the strip or sheet with a certain thickness through the upper and lower rolls to achieve a flattening effect. The first thing we all remember when machining a workpiece is to achieve the desired form at the end in a limited period, at high-cost savings. They are used for precision straightening of the surface of the material inserted into the machine for diverse end-use applications.

We are one of the eminent straightening machine manufacturers in India. Our offered metal straightening machines are ideal for straightening any rolled, drawn, or extruded ferrous and non-ferrous materials in cold conditions, and thus are an important part of the rolling mill industries.

Straightening process

Straightening is the easiest method among machining operations and delivers higher accuracy for a variety of workpieces. Straightening is accomplished by bending the material around sets of rollers to alternately stretch and compress the upper and lower surfaces, exceeding its yield point so that both surfaces end up the same length after spring back which results in flat material. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the distinguished straightening machine suppliers based in India. Our deft professionals ensure that the machine is manufactured according to industry standards to assure high durability and optimum output.


There are different types of straightening machines based on different requirements like 2 roller, 3 roller, and 6 roller straightening machines and other multi roller straightening machines.

Two basic types:

  • The first category of straightening machines is known as straighteners or flatteners. This arrangement is generally available in machines with between 5 work rollers and 11 work rollers.
  • The second category of straightening machines is known as a precision leveler. They are distinguished by small diameter rollers that are closely spaced with backups and the ability to flex those rollers. These units have a significantly larger number of working rollers than traditional straighteners. Due to the higher volume of work being performed on the material, levelers require greater power.

Let’s discuss the Made-to-order features of the straightening machine

  •   PU rubber with upper rollers: This is to protect the material from scratching, especially aluminum steel, copper, and SS. If a customer has a high requirement on the material finished surface, then need to customize this kind of upper rollers on a straightening machine.
  • Fine-tuning: We use the best quality branded servo motor for fine-tuning, PLC, and touch screen. If the customer doesn’t want to adjust the up and down by manual or want more accurate adjustment, then needs to choose to add this fine-tuning function on their machine.

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