Every girl loves shopping. If it is said that after makeup, shopping is their second only thing for girls, then it will not be an exaggeration. Shopping is a kind of mental exercise for women, which women do to make themselves happy and relax mentally. That’s why no matter how much someone criticizes her shopping, she never stops shopping.

But sometimes shopping also bothers women. This is because women do not follow the secret rules of shopping. Now as if you do not follow the rules of exercise, then there is a problem. Similarly, there is a problem if you do not follow the rules of shopping. So if you are fond of shopping and do not know about these secret rules of shopping, then know today. It can give you many benefits. So here are the shopping secret rules-

Shopping list

Make a shopping list before you go shopping. Shopping lists will save you both time and money. Before going shopping, make a list of everything that is most important to you. With this, you will not be able to forget to buy any item and will also avoid buying many unnecessary things. Because most of the women go to the mall and buy non-essential things. Due to this money is also wasted and it is not possible to buy even the necessary items. So before going shopping, make a shopping list.


Don’t forget to bargain after going shopping. This will save you lots of money. Anyway, bargaining is also considered an art, which comes only to someone. The girl who knows how to bargain, buys many things in thousand rupees only.