Penny Share List 2022: You will get to see many such best penny stock list in the Indian stock market, which has given shareholders by earning multibagger returns in the long run. But you will also find many such penny stocks in the market, which have been able to zero the investment amount of the shareholder.

There will be very few people who are earning multibagger returns by investing in penny stock companies at the right time.

In order to earn good returns in penny stock, a good penny stock can be selected on the basis of the future of the company’s business and the direction in which the business is moving forward.

Today we are going to tell about such best 5 best penny stocks of the Indian stock market, whose business is seeing progress in the future and has full potential to earn tremendous returns to the shareholders in the long run. . Let us know in detail about those penny shares-

Penny Share List 2022

Suzlon Energy Ltd:-

If we look at the penny share list 2022, then the first name of our list is Suzlon Energy Ltd, a great company working in the energy sector according to the future. In the wind energy segment, Suzlon Energy is the market leader company, where the company’s business is also spread in power generation and its operation and maintenance services with the help of Wind Turbine.

The way every country is getting more and more focus on clean energy keeping in mind the environment, due to this the demand for clean energy is gradually increasing, Suzlon Energy is already working in this sector. Due to this, there is full hope of getting the most benefit from it.

Along with India, the company’s presence is already seen in the international market, due to which, in the coming days, as the demand for clean energy will be seen increasing, the company’s business is also going to see a big growth.

South Indian Bank:-

This company related to the banking sector comes second in our list of penny shares in 2022. Slowly, South Indian Bank has been working rapidly to spread its banking service in every corner of India, for which the bank is continuously opening its new branches in small towns for the last few years.

In the coming days also, the bank is showing a lot of focus on digitization in its banking service in order to spread its business faster and provide better service to the customer, due to which South Indian Bank is going to be in a better position in the coming time. has its full potential.

Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd:-

Syncom Formulations related to the pharmaceutical industry, a strong market share of the company is seen in India as well as in the global market. Right now, with more than 400 products, the company’s hold on a very good market share is seen.

At the same time, the company is continuously investing in the development of new products and increasing the production capacity of its products, due to which the company’s business is expected to grow in the future.

Even though the share price of Syncom Formulations is currently being seen in the penny share list, but the way the demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing rapidly every year in the domestic market as well as in the global market, due to which the upcoming There is every hope of the company taking advantage of this in time.

Best Penny Stock List

Urja Global:-

If we look at our best penny stock list, Urja Global appears to be a great company associated with the power sector, the company is mainly spread the business of Urja Global in all types of design, supply, and distribution related to solar power.

Just as the demand for solar is seen increasing every year with a lot of speed and the government is also seen promoting solar energy jointly, in view of this ever-increasing opportunity, the company should increase its manufacturing capacity. On increasing it seems to be working in pairs.

In order to establish itself as the Urja Global Leading Company in the Renewable Energy Sector in the coming times, the company has also been working on many such big projects in the last few years, with the help of which Urja Global will be an emerging in its sector in future. Company has full potential.

Globe Textiles:-

The company is mainly spread in the manufacturing and trading business of Textile Products, where many other product segments like Jeans, Printed Fabrics, Yarn are seen near the company. Looking at the Textiles Industry in India, it seems to be growing at a very good pace every day, in view of this growing opportunity of the Globe Textiles market, they have setup their manufacturing plants at different places across the country, with the help of which The company can be seen spreading its business on a big market in the coming days.

At the same time, the company is seeing a lot of focus on new product development with its brand name according to the need of the customer, due to the product design and development according to the requirement of the customer They seem to be capturing the market.

Looking at the way the company is doing business, Globe Textiles is definitely seen as one of the best company in its sector in the list of Best Penny Stocks.

Penny Share Investing Rules

Your first rule of investing in penny stocks should be that you should never make huge investments in any penny stock, the more opportunities for growth in such companies, the more risk is seen in the business. Therefore, you should always invest the same amount of money in penny stocks, which may not show that much impact on your financials even if losses occur.

Talking about the second rule, after investing in penny stock, it is very important for you to always keep track of the business of the company, whether the company seems to be progressing according to its business plan or not and in what kind of financial situation. It is very important to always keep track of what is seen showing the performance.

Looking at the third rule, you should never buy a penny share price going up or a penny stock in the upper circuit at that time, if you do this, most of the time you can get stuck at the higher price, which will give you a lot of money. You may have to face great loss.

My Opinion:-

Even though investing in penny stock companies is considered to be the most risky, but if you do a good analysis and manage to catch the stock of any good penny companies at the right time, you have the full potential of earning very good returns.

Never be too greedy while investing in penny stocks, only a very small part of your portfolio should be considered for investing in a good penny stock. Keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to take the analysis of the company itself or the suggestion of your financial advisor at all.