Who can say that they are immune to love? People who have not been hit by Cupid’s arrow are not immune, while there are more people seeking romantic love in their everyday lives and focusing time and energy on this agenda. Choosing the right perfume for love can be interesting. It is available via Fragrance 365.

All of us are unique, hence, we also feel the love in varied means. On top of the diversity, on the other hand, the feelings experienced by varied types of people comes with powerful ties that combine us all together, which are usually reflected in sensual symbols, like fragrances. There’s no better time to comprehend this truth than on a day focused on love like Valentine’s Day and being appreciative of what we bear and not what we had wished for. Furthermore, it feels basic for us to think back on what scents stand for love for us. Whether they stand for the idea of the feeling or they recall good memories, there are scents that place the spell of love on us.

GIVENCHY – Organza

It is said that “Love is a many-splendored thing.” Such is not just a feeling but is also a chance to choose. Love is delivered through a lot of courses and we can all conclude that it transforms us for the better, even there are trials and difficulties. With this being said, the fragrance that smells like love is the Organza Givenchy.

It is a beautiful floral perfume contained within a bottle of classical architecture with the perfect contours of a woman’s body added in for good measure. Whenever you wear it, Organza is carried around the head in a wispy veil, just like what its name implies.

ARTE PROFUMI – Velvet Rouge

For a fact, love is essential and potent. It is likely that love smells somehow like Velvet Rouge Arte Profumi. It is covered with the blood-red velvet of passion. It is hot and thick, which contours being immense and powerful. Just taking one spray, it would be all over you, and you will drown in its waves forever.

The scent is like eroticism and danger, which bears the dark corners of one’s soul, which is unexpectedly being open to a person. It is comparable to a cup of hot, bitter coffee with a slight drop of pepper, sweetened with melting chocolate on the bottom in the morning.

NISHANE – Hundred Silent Ways

When you think of several scents delivering some particular forms of love, like the maternal one of the love for nature, your choice would be the Hundred Silent Ways by Nishane. It is a popular choice, where there is a romantic kind of love in mind. And not just due to the Rumi’s beautiful love poem, which is an inspiration to it, the truth is that this perfume will make you weak in the knees, the very first time you get to try it on your skin.

The smell will make you wonder what mouthwatering mixture of notes could result in such an interesting scent. It is sweetly feminine, creamy, and succulent, but also inspired by masculine scents, so perfectly blended in all its facets and added with a shimmering aroma.

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