The One Spy AppReview

In this world filled with uncertainty and deception, it often gets tough to trust others in your workplace or even in your loved one’s life. Being a parent, we want to keep our children away from every harm and bad experience. Also being an employer, you seem it difficult to find trustworthy employees. As in this competitive environment, one has to keep pace with the emerging markets’ demands with zealous workers and dedicated staff. As it is a tedious task to keep track of the activities of your employees, but now you do not need to worry about all this. Because we have this one incredible app in hand now, that does all these things for you.

TheOneSpy App

“The One Spy is the most reliable cell phone spy app which helps the user to keep track of their children’s social activities as well as increase security level to avoid any misinterpretation.”

Some of the important features of the TheOneSpy app are as follow:

1- Monitor Voice calls: TheOneSpy app is excellent in its features. It keeps track of call history, call recordings and even the location of users.

2- Monitor Text Messages: This useful feature helps you to maintain the records of messages like view sends or receive messages, iMessages, and pin Messages.

3-Key logger: It keeps the record of keystrokes which include the WhatsApp keystroke: Messaging keystroke, Emails text, and password keystroke.

4- Bugging: One of the newest introduce a feature which increases the usability of this app is Bugging. Now, one can easily record the voices, sounds, and more important is the back and front cam capture.

5- Lock/Unlock: You can easily handle your apps remotely like locking/unlocking apps, smartphones, and most important Facebook.

6– Access remotely: The most eye-appealing feature of this app is Access Remotely which includes a remote access camera to take photos and short videos, record surround sounds, Remotely start and pause TheOneSpy app on the targeted device and get the live GPS location of the cell phone.

7- Switching: This function helps the user to switch unlimited devices, not even this but also supports multiple platforms like OS switch.

And there are 130 plus monitoring, tracking, and spying features in the premier package.


  • Physical access requiresinstalling the app on the targeted
  • For using this app, iPhone should be JV-lock open.
  • It requiresAndroid device to be rooted to monitor instant messengers (IMs).
  • This app can be more expensive if the user tries to take a monthly premium package.
  • The app works in both modes hidden and visible.

Compatibility Mode: The compatible models of this app are Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

Support: One of the most important thing which revealed at me is the FAQ in detail, which help the users to explain any question related to this app. Moreover, if any user feels any discomfort ability in using the TOS service, their 24/7 support is always there to help you out.


The One Spy gives you one of the most efficient, reliable, and effective products for solving your problems regarding your child protection or your employee’s loyalty. Although it seems a little bit pricey at the first spot for low-income users if they choose to have the yearly plan, then they can save 60% of the listed price. Overall, we can say that it is a pretty much ideal solution for every parent or employer.