The belly fat increases after getting a baby for women, that looks like a tyre. A tyre like fat is seen around our belly. When we sit that hangs like a balloon and looks vulgar, most ladies face it whether there is less or more fat, but seems like a tyre. If you want to lose this tyre, you want to remove it anyhow, I will tell you 3 exercises for that, very effective exercise, doing these exercises you can lose that tyre fat around your belly. Let’s start, hello friends, I am Sweta, welcome to my site AllIndiaEvent. For the fat you are worried about around your belly, which hangs like a balloon, looks for sure with every dress, you are very anxious for that, left no stone unturned and even left food but got zero results. The exercises I will tell you to have to do that exactly, as long as I say. You have to do this properly. Your tyre like fat will be gone. If you do this properly your fat is to be gone for sure, 100% sure. Let’s watch the exercises, later I will tell you how long you will do this exercise.


Reverse%2BCrunch Quick And Easy Way To Lose Side Belly Fat To Get Rid of Love Handle, Tire fat
1st one spread a mat and sit this way, warm-up is needed first. Do walking for 10 minutes on the roof or do running. This is needed. Warm-up the body first. Next, sit this way and then lie down, hands under the hips so that waist doesn’t get pressure. Now, lift your legs and then make straight. Let me show you. Lift the hip area this way up. Put little pressure and then straight. Let me show you continue. Continue for a minimum of 30 seconds. Watch me. Do 20 repeat to complete a set. Then relax. Or you may continue for 30 seconds in a stopwatch and continue for 30 seconds.

Now relax. I have done 20 repeats and I am breathing faster. If this happens to you, it’s good to sign, thus body fat burns. Deep breath and relax. Do 20 more repeat of this exercise after relax. Do 2nd round of this same exercise, later I will tell you the 2nd exercise.

Hands-under-the-hips-leg Quick And Easy Way To Lose Side Belly Fat To Get Rid of Love Handle, Tire fat

Hands under the hips to prevent the pressure on the hips. Lift the legs this way. Make a circle with both legs. 10 is done, now another 10 in a reverse way, anticlockwise. 10 and one more in excitement. 20 repeat is done of this too. You will make circles with the legs this way. Small or large don’t matter, no need to be careful of whether large or small circles are made, just try to make circles. Make 10 circles clockwise and then another 10 anticlockwise. Total 20 repeats. Relax a while. Then do another round of this exercise. Do 2 sets of each exercise, 20 repeat makes one set. 2 exercises done, now in the 3rd exercise sit this way, raise the legs and do this exercise. How many I have done I? this side 20 and another side 20. You will do this way. If you are a beginner and you haven’t done this never as well as you can’t lift the legs to do this, then put the legs down and take the upper body lean back and then do this exercise. You will do 2 sets of this exercise too. This means after doing 20 repeats, take a rest and then do another 20 repeats. Do each exercise twice as I said to you. Means, 20 repeats of an exercise, take rest, and again another set of the same one.

The same way does the 2nd set of 2nd and 3rd exercises. Thus, you will do it 6 times but you have only 3 exercises.

Russian-twist-1 Quick And Easy Way To Lose Side Belly Fat To Get Rid of Love Handle, Tire fat

Follow this routine every morning whether it takes any longer, after a week you must increase another set of each exercise. Means 3 sets of each exercise. This is for 2 weeks, do this and notice after doing it for 2 weeks. A huge change will occur, fat will lose, your balloon-like fat will go in. Specially, foods need to be careful about, not like you will eat everything outdoor foods or do mistakes what you did earlier. Otherwise, you won’t get the result. Be careful of foods and habits to get full benefits. Avoid outdoor foods, eat only when you feel hungry. eat exactly to meet your hunger, eat food chewing. Never eat more than your hunger. If you follow all these, your all fat will be gone within 15 days.