• Bahrain, a name that means two seas, proves to be an actual sea of great job opportunities. The Arabic State Bahrain is one of a globally rich economy and is heaven for job seekers, due to its various developed sectors and multinational establishments for natives and expats. So, if you are the one looking for jobs in Bahrain then you should know the right choices for yourself.

Being a developed state Bahrain generates great job opportunities every financial year, hence people seeking jobs from abroad have better chances of finding employment here. The arabic state is famous for jobs in the following major segments:

  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Education & Skills
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas

Two major sectors for finding jobs in Bahrain are :

Multinational Companies

Bahrain has a lot of established multinationals which in turn promotes great hiring percentage for expats in the gulf state. Finding jobs in Bahrain, is an easier option for a native citizen as the country promotes native hiring for various jobs in Bahrain. The multinational culture in Bahrain is developing as the state provides companies with great candidates who fits the job, as the manpower options are in abundance.

Government Companies

Along with this the state has rich reserve for oil, which has made it a haven on earth for the government due to which Bahrain has a lots of government jobs opportunities too. Bahrain is one of the major exporters of crude oil reserves, petroleum and natural gas which opens generates great jobs in Bahrain for people who may work on plants and have knowledge in scientific, engineering, financial and Management as the core areas.

With this in mind let us now explain a few norms for jobs in Bahrain:

Work Visa: This is a mandatory document one needs to work in Bahrain and to get an authorized work visa one needs a confirmed job offer. This formality is quite strict is compulsory to make a legal presence in the state of Bahrain. However, anyone is allowed to visit the state in order to network to find a job.

Although, most hiring that happens for Bahrain either happens outside in abroad through agents or the expats get a transfer from their home country but still if you are looking for a job through headhunter or agent make sure he works on your work visa in the gulf country.

Now, moving ahead we must tell you what Advantages you may take while you work in Bahrain:

Bahrain is tax free state: Yes, you read it right…! Bahrain is a state free of taxes. With no personal income tax or capital gain tax, Bahrain is great place to work as it allows every employee to cherish their salaries. Only the expats have to face minor deductions in their salaries.

Health Benefits in Bahrain: With excellent health care services you will be delighted to work in Bahrain. Although people from abroad are not the part of social security but still the rates for doctor visits are highly subsidized hence working in Bahrain will keep you fit and fine for a longer time as the state has immense hospitals and great medical facility.

So, now you know what will be jobs in Bahrain be like and how you may reap the benefit of you interest. So, let your doubts wither away and start to find best opportunities for jobs in Bahrain for yourself.