A metal sheet shearing machine is one of the most significant manufacturing machines to be used today. This shearing machine allows the worker to cut through hard metals with different widths without using lasers or other high-tech equipment. Despite the fact metal shears are not as sophisticated as other reliable metal cutting instruments, they pose a potential danger to staff if they are not properly handled. Therefore, certain simple safety tips should be observed when using such sharp instruments.

Sheet Metal Shearing Tool Safety Tips

Failure to take the adequate safety measure can result in lost-time safety accident at the workplace ones that can permanently disable the employees. One can easily avoid injury to workers and damage to the machinery by following a few basic safety rules, such as:

  • Conduct Regular Tool Inspection: One of the most basic safety features of any complex process machine is to hold the machine in fantastic condition. The instrument should be tested and checked for malfunctioning to ensure that it is in safe operating order. This is because sheet metal operators use various types of hard materials. If there are shears with blunt tips, workers can have a rough time with them. Oil and metal shavings may be trapped in shears, which are vulnerable to wear and tear after a specific period. This wears down the efficiency of the tool. To prevent this, maintenance & repair must be carried out at least once a week, if not after every use. This will ensure the tool is free of debris, and help prevent accidents and damage.

Also, operators should carry out a quick inspection of main shearing machine mechanisms before beginning.

Important points to check:

ü  Warning lights

ü  Mirrors

ü  Emergency stop buttons

ü  Lubrication system

  • Provide Appropriate Training to the Workers: A proper training session concerning equipment, working circumstances, and work-related hazards should be provided to skilled and experienced personnel in the concerned organization. Also, workers should be trained in safety procedures to avoid workplace accidents. Giving workers a tutorial on simple shear safety guidelines will help to ensure that every employee is aware of the possible hazard of the shear.
  • Make Sure Employees Wear Proper Protection equipment: It should be self-evident that employees in a machine shop should always wear proper protection but failed to wear proper protection is a widely-cited OSHA standard violation. While dealing with shears, operators should always wear PPE such as durable hand gloves, spark resistance glasses, protective headgear, boots, and thick cloths to avoid accidents. With PPE, the risk of an accident can be minimized. The operator must avoid wearing bulky or fancy jewelry when handling the instrument as they can be subjected to elevated temperatures in the work environment.
  • Maintain Safe Working Distance: An apparent yet important safety advice for shearing tools is to hold them by the handle while keeping a reasonable distance. Make sure you don’t carry the metal shear with a power cord or sharp blades. There is a risk that you will experience an electric shock if you hold it by the power cord or get sharp cuts by the blades.

This article provides an overview of safety tips to remember before using sheet metal shears. Every worker needs to feel safe when at the job. It’s the employer’s accountability to achieve this goal. Managers should invest in training programs so that their employees are trained and know how to use each device safely. Their supervisors should direct them in the process so that there are no accidents.

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