Love. Is there a better feeling than love? Oh, to be young, happy, and full of life. Love makes the world go round.

Being in love makes you think differently about everything. The sun shines brighter, flowers look vibrant and there’s a kick in your step.

The real question is, what comes after love? Now that you have found your significant other. What next? You get married.

Getting married is a ritual as old as time.

Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two souls for eternity. Isn’t that beautiful?


Picture this, a huge venue, filled with flickering lights. Hues of gold filling the spaces in between. Round tables with the finest of centerpieces, shimmering gowns, and dapper suits all around.

That is what I call a wedding.

A wedding is many things and it involves a bunch of people. Each person has a particular role but according to me, the one with the greatest responsibility is the wedding photographer.

A wedding photographer is kind of like a micromanager at a wedding. He/she not only has to take amazing photographs, but they also have to,

  • Coordinate with a team,
  • Be organized,
  • Pick out the best spots for pictures,
  • Make the best of unfortunate situations,
  • Handle tough guests and so much more!

How To Pick A Wedding Photographer?

As a twin cities wedding photographer, I can assure you that a photographer is an extremely important part of a wedding and if you want the greatest of the great, then there are some qualities that you should look for.

  • Should have a good idea about wedding venues – A wedding is a momentous event and it has to be just perfect. What is a wedding without a good venue?  A skilled photographer can give you venue suggestions, from prior experience. This will help you with the wedding planning and will also ensure amazing pictures.
  • Should be familiar with photography terms – You don’t want an amateur shooting your wedding. Can you imagine, you ask them to change the contrast of the photos and they stare at you as if you’re dumb? Don’t put your wedding photos in the hands of aspiring artists. Let them master the art of birthday parties first.
  • A photographer should have a bunch of experience – As I said, pick a photographer that has been in the wedding business for at least a year or so. Always ask for portfolios and please don’t go with the first photographer you come across! Ask your friends, search websites, find the best you can find, that fits your budget.
  • Should have good communication skills- Taking photos is all about communication. If a photographer can’t explain what he wants the client to do then the result is just going to be frustration and terrible pictures. We definitely don’t want that so, make sure you pick someone who is well articulated.

A wedding is no joke. It is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. If you ask me, an event as important as this, should be recorded.

Here is what I would do if I were getting married. Firstly, I would gather my family and friends and tell them about the happy news. I would then hire a wedding planner, cause I don’t need any more stress in my life. Then I would look for a photographer. After finding someone I like, I would search for a venue, and then I’d let the wedding planner take control.

I may not be getting married, but I am full of tips and tricks regarding weddings. I guess that’s the plus point of experience.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful and, I wish you all have amazing weddings and spectacular photographs to show for them!