Just Imagine that you become a famous writer, and your words can pay you big money. It seems like a dream, isn’t it? But you can earn money; you can live your dream by starting writing because plans never pay you money, but yes, your hard work does.

I do love to express my thoughts and expression through my writing. Sometimes speaking our thoughts won’t work, but the words we write significantly impact others. If you read, you can understand the things you can imagine the situations mentioned in the books, and you get connected with the writer. 

You never get connected with them until you start reading it; once you start, you can’t get rid of them because of the story, the words, the thoughts, and the feelings which are shared in the book you get connected with them and relate the things with the written story. That is why writing has a more significant impact on the human mind.

It was a time when people couldn’t read and write. As time has changed, we pursue careers like doctors, engineers, Management trainees, etc. There are very few who want to become a writer. 

 If you have the writing skills, you may feel proud if someone comes and tell you, hey, I have read your book or any of your writing work, and I like your work; that appreciation will give you immense pleasure.

So, the writers have a bright future and can earn lots of money and fame. But, now, what should we write to make our future bright and earn massive cash through writing? This article will guide you towards the seven ways to earn money through writing in India.

7 Ways to Earn Money through Writing In India

If you are also a writer and don’t know how to make money from your writing, read the full article and start making money.

  1. Start your blog

Blogging is one of the most trusted ways of earning money for writers. Every day, people search things on Google and learn from it, so whatever reading stuff we get on Google is written by the bloggers or the writers, and they do earn massively through their blog posts and articles.

But, starting a money-making blog, you need to buy hosting for your blogging website, and you need to post blogs daily. According to Semrush, the bloggers who post daily on their blogging websites get 57% better results than those who post weekly.

There are various ways of making money from AdSense. You can make money through Ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and many other ways. There is a good potential for making money from blogging. There are people who make even $10,000 every month with blogging.

So if you are also willing to open your blog, find the niche of your writing, find some exciting topics related to your niche, and post your blogs daily.

  • Write the blogs for others.

If you are not confident about starting your blog, you can start writing guest blogging. What is guest blogging? Professional bloggers hire bloggers to write content for them, and many companies hire freelance writers.

You should know about freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing.com, etc. Make your profile on these websites and start writing for professional bloggers and companies. It is one of the best online jobs from which you can make money by sitting at your home.

  • Start Copywriting

Copywriting means writing a short story about the product and services for online and offline advertisements. Copywriters write the text, jingles, slogans which promote the company’s products. In simple words, a copy of a product and the sales copy. 

Copywriting is a long-term career, and you can earn upto Rs.29 lakh. You need to have creative writing skills, and you should know how to write sales copy precisely and attractively.

If the company’s sales and product copy are shown to their clients, and customers are known as business-to-customer (B2C) copywriting, and when the writing is for the target audience of other companies, then it is known as business-to-business copywriting (B2B). 

  • Write a Book

Writing a book doesn’t make quick money for you, but once you publish your book and if the audience likes your story, you will earn huge income and also prestige.

You can write a book on various things such as a fictional novel, book of poems or short story, non-fictional novel, biographies, etc. You can start writing any book and publish it independently. To earn passive income, you can self-publish your ebook.

  • Writing Reviews

It is one of the most admirable online jobs, and you can earn only through writing your reviews on films, products, music, etc. 

You can share your reviews on any gadget, music, movie, fashion, etc. For example, in slicethepie, you can write short reviews on fashion items and songs. You need to sign in to write your review.

  • Author Assistant

The professional authors also require an assistant who can manage their other work like research, responding to emails, handling social media accounts, coordinating administrative jobs like printouts, sourcing books for research, transcription of notes, much more work.

If you work as an assistant of an author, it may give you many perks as you can closely examine the publishing house, make your contacts, and the list of do’s and don’ts while writing.

  • Writing translations 

If you have a language skill, that means if you can translate the regional languages in English or vice versa. Then this is one of the great writing works from which you can earn money. 

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There are plenty of companies who pay you to translate their texts. These may require fast writing speed because the amount of data you can translate will pay you more money. It is one of the best online jobs from home for the students, etc.


These are the best writing work you can pursue and start earning money. If you love writing but can’t find the way to start, this article may help you start writing. Blogging has become essential. There is a massive demand for bloggers in India.