A metal shearing machine is a piece of heavy-duty fabrication machinery that many machine shops used to shear sheet metal and other rugged materials. It is important to use adequate shear protection when using these instruments, as with any other piece of fabrication equipment.

Without the use of a laser or other high-tech devices, this Shearing machine helps a worker to hack through hard metals of various widths. Even though metal shears are not as advanced as more accurate metal cutting tools, they can be dangerous to workers if not handled correctly. When using some sharp devices, such basic safety precautions should be followed. Failure to implement appropriate shearing machine safety policies will result in time-consuming workplace safety injuries that can permanently disable workers.

Although there is still some danger of handling any piece of heavy machinery, you can safely avoid worker injuries and equipment destruction by following a few basic shear protection laws.

  • Maintain the metal shear: One of the most fundamental aspects of protection when using some advanced fabrication machinery is to maintain that machinery in good working order. Shearing system mechanisms that are worn, rusted, or otherwise neglected are more likely to malfunction suddenly and catastrophically than those that are well-maintained.

Operators should perform a visual check of major shearing machine mechanisms before running the shearing machine to ensure they are in proper working order.

Points to check :

  • Warning lights
  • Mirrors
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Lubrication system

Also, Itscomprehensive inspections should be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Maintain a well-lit shop: One of the most crucial aspects of shear security is that the area inside and outside the shear be well illuminated so that operators can see what they’re doing. A badly lit machine shop floor increases the likelihood of on-the-job accidents and injuries.
  • Do Not Increase the Opening Height of the Finger Guard:The finger protector on an automatic shearing machine is a device that stops operators from getting into the gap between the upper and lower shear blades. As the last position you’d like your fingertips to be is between two metal blades exerting many tons of force intended to cut solid steel, this is a necessary shearing machine protection measure.

The finger protector is located at the appropriate protection distance for this optimum opening height. Do not raise the opening height. To put it another way, tampering with the finger protector or some other built-in safety measures on a mechanical or hydraulic metal shear is highly discouraged.

  • Maintain a Proper Working Distance: One obvious but critical safety tip for shearing equipment is to grab them by the handle while maintaining a fair distance. Be certain that you are not carrying a metal shear with a power cord or sharp knives. If you keep it by the power cable, you might get an electric shock or get deep cuts from the knives.
  • Educate employees on the Shear:it is beneficial to familiarize your employee with the shear and how it performs even if they aren’t going to be working the shear anytime soon. Giving employees a basic course on simple shear protection laws will help to ensure that any employee is mindful of the shear’s possible dangers.
  • Ensure all employees are wearing appropriate safety equipment: Employees in a machine shop should wear adequate cover at all times, but failure to do so is a commonly cited OSHA norm violation. To avoid injury when dealing with shears, operators should wear masks, helmets, caps, and thick clothes. The risk of an injury will be reduced by using personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Place signals with caution and make sure they are readable: This is another frequently-cited OSHA violation.Signs should be placed in such a manner that they are visible and readable from afar. This ensures that you must carefully consider where you place signs in the building. This protects the workers by ensuring they can see all of the safety warnings they need to remember, as well as preventing an OSHA breach for inadequate safety signage/communication.

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