Scarves are one of the most fashionable and chic accessories. It changes a simple outfit into something trendy and stylish. Scarves also keep you warm and at the same time add to your look. Scarves look good on both men and women. There are many types of scarves available in the market. From silk scarves to woollen scarves to simple cotton scarves, the options never exhaust.

How to style a scarf?

There are many ways and ideas on how one can style a scarf. All you need is a scarf to create a certain look. They also have a huge variety of scarves in different shapes, sizes and prints. Many stylists suggest that a shorter scarf is better for neckties while longer scarves are better suited for many complicated knots. While a heavy woollen scarf is best for winter days, a light silk scarf would be perfect for a breezy, summer day. Here are some interesting ways in which you can style a scarf-

Braided scarf

Put the scarf on your neck after folding it in half. Take the ends of the scarf and bring them to the loop and make sure that it is not too tight, then twist the loop and drag the ends through the loop again. You have to continue twisting until there is no scarf left.

Classic looped scarf

This type of scarf look is called classic for a reason. It is stylish and easy. One can also achieve this look by using a winter scarf man. Fold the scarf in half and place it behind the neck. Bring both ends to the front and together. Pull the loose ends through the loop and done.

French knot

A French twist scarf for winter will make a perfect look. It is simple to achieve. Fold the scarf in half and place it around the shoulders. Bring one loose end of the scarf and drag it over and under the loop. Then take the second loose end and drag it under and over the same loop.

Style it like the shawl

This is a simple and timeless look. Just wrap the silk scarf around your shoulders when wearing a cute summer dress to add a little glamour and edge to your look.


Put the scarf uniformly around the neck. Circle one end of the scarf about your neck, and then do it again with the other end. Push the free ends up within the scarf.

The tie loop

This scarf style would be perfect to wear underneath a blazer or jacket for a more sophisticated and classy look. Create a face with the scarf by tying it like a men’s tie, but loose and inches down from the neck. It is feminine at the same time formal and elegant.

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