Single girder cranes can be easily identified by their appearance because they only have one beam. Light lifting and temporary projects are ideal for a single girder crane. The normal lifting capacity is 20 tones, and its maximum operating time is 6 hours. A 1-20 tone lifting capacity is where it shines. A Single Girder EOT Crane is a good option for light-duty and short-term use. There are both top-running and under-running single-girder cranes on the market.

Functionalities of Single Girder EOT Crane?

Also known as “Electronic Overhead Transmission” or “EOT,” A travelling crane is a crucial piece of industrial machinery for any material-handling operation. The single cranes have a hoist installed on a trolley, which is utilized to raise heavy things.

The leading Single Girder EOT Crane Exporters in India have a wide selection of models to meet your specific requirements. They’re cheaper to install and easier to use than alternatives. Additionally, radio remote controls can be used to operate them. Even mobile push-button pendants can be worn at all times to keep the operator safe.

Types of Single Girder EOT Crane

LD Type Single Girder EOT Crane

This single crane has a lifting capacity of 1/32 tonnes, making it ideal for usage in warehouses, stockrooms, and other industrial settings. The machine has an intuitive layout and operates with steadfast stiffness. The machine is simple to operate and offers influential travel and the ability to alter speeds.

You can use the many available electric hoists if you employ the device. Paper mills, steel mills, factories, workshops, warehouses, the automotive sector, container ports, the hydropower trade, the nuclear power trade, and the wind power trade are just some of the many industries that can benefit from the Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturers in India

LDP Type Single Girder EOT Crane

This single crane is suitable for non-critical lifting tasks. One side of the girder on the machine is equipped with an electric hoist, which can be used to free up more room for hooks and reduce operational expenses. The device can function between -25 and +40 degrees Celsius. If your plant or factory has a low ceiling, this equipment may come in helpful, allowing you to save money on your plant and crane system.

HD Type Single Girder EOT Crane

The Single Crane Suppliers In India provide an item that restricts how far a hook can be from a surface. There’s hardly any space above the machine, but it gives you a way to get higher, which boosts productivity. You can use the tool’s remote control, pendant control, and cabin control features to make your workday easier.

Features of Single Girder EOT Crane:

Although the single cranes are loaded with features, but the most primary ones are mentioned. A few of the unique qualities of the Single Crane are as follows:

·         Maintenance for this crane is cheaper than that of a double girder crane.

·         All the most up-to-date safety equipment required by Indian law is provided.

·         Easy to carry and raise because of how light it is.

·         Crane that takes up minimal room

·         Light-duty use and minimal upkeep result in lasting strength.

·         A double-grooved rope makes hauling heavy objects simpler.

·         Storage Capacity: Up to 20 Tons

·         Maintains a secure and soft grip

·         Superior sturdiness with comparatively little weight

·         Welded box girders can be installed with less risk and noise.

·         Ultra-thin festoon cable system.

What are the advantages of a Single Girder EOT Crane?

The major advantages of the single cranes are as follows:

Increased carpeting

Wheels that glide over tracks make the Single Crane unique from its arm-based counterparts. The hoist can traverse the width of the building as the rail is erected along its length. The fact that it can travel farther indicates that it can pick up a load at one end of the building and deliver it to the other.

The length of the rail you set up can vary depending on how far you need to travel. Because fewer cranes would be required, transportation and labour costs would be reduced if the train were longer.

Superbly simple and efficient operation

Since the Double Girder Overhead Crane is so simple, operators can learn the ropes quickly. The crane’s hook is sturdy so the bags won’t fall off. This decreases the likelihood of loads dropping, which could damage products or cause a spill, resulting in financial losses for manufacturing facilities. Likewise, they could sustain serious injuries or death if they fall on workers.


Compared to other crane options, the price of a  Single Girder EOT Crane is relatively modest. Electricity is used to power the crane, which is more cost-effective than diesel-powered cranes. The absence of the thick smoke usually produced by such machines also means less pollution to the atmosphere.

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects, one crane can handle the job of numerous smaller cranes because of its more significant reach. The industry’s transit costs go down, which means more money in their pockets.

A crane operating on rails (EOT) is not prone to random failures. As a result, you save money in the long run-on repairs and maintenance. Constant breakdowns can result in enormous losses, which significantly affect business operations in the industry. As a result, output drops, and consumer confidence plummets. It’s not uncommon for temporary workers to look elsewhere for employment when the economy slows down since they aren’t getting paid. The investment in an EOT crane mitigates such risks for a business.


With its standard Sections fabricated or box, type plate forged beam, wheels, Gearboxes, motors, and running overhead to lift materials and run both axes, the Single Girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) Crane is most commonly used for capacities of up to 10 tones, short spans, and classes I and II of duty

You can rely on us when it comes to Single Girder EOT Crane Suppliers In India.  Ganesh Engineering designs the Single Beam EOT Cranes by Indian Standards (IS) 807 and IS 3177. The quality has been and will always be the utmost priority.