What skin regimen are you following in maintaining good and healthy skin? Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It should be well-maintain, free from blemishes caused by excessive pollution of surroundings. Skincare is one of the key ingredients to achieve natural beauty. Regardless of the age or skin tone, a proper skincare routine should be followed. Nowadays, the marketplace introduces a variety of skincare for men and also for women.

Currently, it’s not only women who use skincare products – but men nowadays also require skincare due to too much exposure to pollution. Men need a proper skincare routine to keep the sustenance of the skin and for relaxation and pampering purposes.

Here is a daily skin routine perfect for men:

For Face care

Smear warm water to your face to open up your pores to let the dirt go out. Apply a pea amount of men’s facial wash to your face. Scatter it circularly to your face for 30 seconds or more. Wash your face with cool water to tighten your pores and prohibiting the dirt to come in. Use a towel to dry up your face. Remember: don’t be harsh to your face, when using a towel make sure it is cotton and don’t rub it hard to your skin. Use facial wash every day but not twice a day.

After you used facial wash, you should put a moisturizer to your face to keep it hydrating to avoid wrinkles and extremely oily face. You can also use anti-aging cream for those who have wrinkles and eye cream for those who experiencing baggy eyes.

Men should use men’s face exfoliating wash, once or twice a week to eliminate deep impurities and dead skin cells causing a dry face and congested pores. You can check a variety of skincare for men in your favorite groceries or in drugstores.

For Body Care

Use hot water during a shower to open up your pores, to enable dirt and unwanted oil going out. Which do you prefer? Does a bar soap or body wash? If you’re experiencing dry skin, it is preferable to use body wash because it gives extra nourishment and moisturizer such as vitamin e and healthy oils like olive and jojoba.

For dry skin, you can use body moisturizer after you took a bath. Apply a liberal amount of lotion to your skin including elbows, knees, legs, hands, and shoulders. You can check a variety of skincare for men and choose the best choice that suits your skin type.


Due to pollution and contaminants outside our home, men should do skincare routine. As women, their skin is encountered skin problems such as pimples, oily skin, and dull complexion. Men should use a suitable set for skincare wherein it will maintain its face and body throughout the day. Healthy skin is another factor in achieving a natural beauty that gives confidence in everything you do. You can ask your dermatologist if what skincare products suit your skin.