In today’s time, it would not be wrong to say that a person who is not active on social media has no existence in the world. That is why big celebrities and leaders remain active on social media to maintain their identities.

But when these stars become more popular, they do not have time to be active on social media, but it is important for them to remain active because social media is the only medium through which they can interact with their fans. This becomes a big problem.

To solve this problem, people hire a social media manager who handles their social media accounts and posts new things on them. If you have good knowledge of social media, then you can also earn money by starting this business.

The thing to keep in mind is that you always have to post creative posts so that their fans remain connected to their account. That means you have to think with a creative mind. Apart from this, you will be completely responsible for whatever you post from their account. Therefore, the post will have to be published thoughtfully.

In earlier times, we had to learn this business ourselves, but now there are facilities for you too. Nowadays, social media management courses are offered in many government and private institutions, and by learning them, you can start this business and handle the social media accounts of big celebrities.

People from which field can do social media management business?

In the work of social media management, you always have to create new posts, for which you need creative thinking. And it is not that you have to manage just one page or profile. Rather, you will have to manage multiple pages according to your business. Therefore, people who think well with a creative mind can do this business.

When will you be able to earn ₹50,000 per month from social media profile management?

This is a job in which, in the beginning, you get the job of handling the social media accounts of big people. After learning this work, when you do an internship, you can get 5–10 thousand per month, but after an internship, if you give good information to the client about the work, then your initial earnings can be more than 50 thousand.

When people start knowing about your SM agency, you can create a business website in the name of your social media agency and take orders for client projects from there. Because of this strategy, your online business will start earning not Rs 50 thousand but lakhs of rupees.