Nowadays, traveling is not only an activity that you can do with your friends and family. There are a lot of people, especially millennials, who travel to wonderful places all alone with themselves. Why not? Traveling alone can provide you lots of benefits such as getting to know more about yourself and increasing the trust and confidence in yourself.

However, there are also risks when it comes to traveling solo. That is why if you are planning to go on a journey all by yourself, you need to acquaint yourself with the blunders that you should avoid to make your travel more enjoyable and safe. So settle yourself and read this article!

Not Bringing Enough Money

It is a common problem for most travelers: forgetting to bring enough cash in their pocket when traveling. But is a bigger problem for those travelers who go on a journey alone? You might not find it difficult to ask the locals in the place for help or decide to sleep outdoors when you are traveling with your friends.

But traveling alone might make you hesitant to ask strangers for free rides or money to pay for your, well, blunder. To prevent this nasty situation from happening, you should make sure that your travel budget is clear and well-planned.

Failing to Keep an Update on Safety Travel Advisories

There are places that you will see on the world wide web that will tempt you to schedule a journey immediately, while not knowing the dangers of the place. So for you to keep your security and safety, you must be responsible enough to watch the news and read about the place you are visiting. You can do this by checking the official website of the place of your travel.

Booking for a Flight That Arrives at Night

Booking-for-a-Flight-That-Arrives-at-Night Make No Mistakes: 9 Blunders That You Should Avoid When Going on a Solo Travel

Yes, flights that arrive at night can very well fit your tight budget, but this affordable flight option might provide you a problem when you are on solo travel. If your flight arrives at night, for example, and you are hauling that travel luggage of yours, you might become a victim of criminals.

Aside from criminals, there is also the possibility of getting lost in the place you are visiting, especially when it is dark already. So make sure to avoid booking a late-at-night arrival flight, and book a flight that arrives during the day instead.

Looking for Lodging Accommodation the Very Time of Arrival

Accommodation-the-Very-Time-of-Arrival Make No Mistakes: 9 Blunders That You Should Avoid When Going on a Solo Travel

First-time solo travelers often commit this mistake of hunting for lodging accommodation only after they get off that plane. Aside from it is a big waste of effort and time on your part, looking for lodging accommodation on arrival will also be a great downside to your travel budget.

Of course, you can prevent this from happening on your very first solo travel, if you will be wise and budget-conscious enough to reserve your lodging before you arrive. You can do this by checking the websites of the hotel in the place you are visiting.

Staying the Night in Hostels

Many people will likely give you the advice to stay the night in hostels because they are affordable and you can meet a lot of fellow travelers there. Yes, there is some truth to this, but hostels may not be the ideal place to provide you privacy and security when you are traveling solo.

So if you have a good budget for your travel, just choose from a more conventional accommodation, such as in hotels, which provide you the security and safety that you need.

Traveling Without First Aid Kit

When you are traveling all by yourself, make sure to bring your first-aid kit. Your first aid kit should have the required medicines and other essentials for minor medical emergencies. If you have a first aid kit with you, you can now cure yourself and also avoid paying for a hospital bill in case a minor emergency happens.

Cutting Off the Communication Lines

Not staying connected with your family and friends is a no-no when you are on a solo journey. You must make sure that you have with you your smartphone or anything that will allow you to communicate with them.

With your smartphone, you can also have that necessary internet connection to keep family and friends updated on what is happening with your travel.

Packing Too Many Stuff for Your Travel

Packing too much stuff for your solo travel can be a hurdle to your movements and enjoyment when you are on it. Not only that, but it can also eat up a considerable part of your budget, especially when you are going to pay for the luggage fees at the airport.

Thus, for you to get that ultimate enjoyment from your solo travel, you need to bring only the things you need for your trip. For you to pack the essential things for your travel, you need to have a high-quality backpack for that purpose. You can find excellent bags and luggage in sites like Luggage Online to pack your things.

Failing to Enjoy and Have Fun

You are on solo travel for fun and enjoyment, and you should always take note of that. When you are a newbie in this mode of travel, you might think too much of what is out there. Instead of having fun on the journey and taking in the beautiful experiences along the way, your thoughts overpower your enjoyment.

Do not forget to visit the historical sites, landmarks, and beautiful spots of the place you are visiting. Let the fun and pleasure dominate your travel. Meet new people and know the culture of the place for you to enjoy your trip.


Solo traveling can give you new kind of pleasure and experience. For instance, it will make you know more about yourself and boost the trust and confidence you have in yourself. But before you decide to go on solo travel, you must know of blunders typically committed when traveling solo.

In this way, you will know how to maintain your security, safety, and enjoyment by getting acquainted with these common solo travel mistakes.