After corona, the demand for digital marketing has increased manyfold. Many students want to make a career. In this article, I will tell you, How to start your career in digital marketing as a fresher. Hey guys I am Sweta professor of DigitalMarketing at IIM Delhi.

Often the question that I get is, Do you need a certain background to make a career in DM? Unlike other jobs, you don’t need a background in this. Even if you don’t want to take up a digital marketing job, it can help you in your profession. Once a Dev took my digital marketing course! and I was very surprised but he said that he has to pay Rs700 to an app per patient and for that he has to charge Rs1400 from the patients.

So he said why should I not learn digital marketing myself. So that I can reduce the fees and my patients don’t have to pay Rs1400. Now, who would think that a neurosurgeon which is the highest branch in medical science would learn digital marketing!

Now let us see what are the job opportunities for digital marketers. You can be an SEO specialist. This is one of the most in-demand jobs in the digital marketing industry. It is one of the primary skills you need to learn as a marketer. Or you can opt to be a Content strategist because every company needs someone who can help them create perfect content according to their target audience.

After all ‘content is the king’. Or you can be a Social media manager. Many influencers, celebrities, all brands hire a social media manager to manage and grow their social media accounts. It is one of the most opted skills among students!.

You can also take up Paid ads manager role. Here your task will be to promote products and services through ads on social media. You can also be a freelancer and work on your terms and make good money. The best part of the freelancer is you will get freedom.

And guys do you know, India is one of the largest hubs for freelancers. Now after having understood the roles the question is How to start digital marketing? To start your career in DM you need to understand several basic areas.

There are 7 main categories! and they are Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Social media marketing, Pay per click advertising, Affiliate marketing, and Email marketing. Now dear students you may wonder should you master one skill or master all the skills!

Now I would recommend that you must have an abasic idea of all the skills because they are all interlinked. If you have a good overview you will be able to handle the projects very well. But it’s also good to have a little deeper nuance knowledge of at least one or more areas. So start with the basics, You can also go through some of my structured courses.

Because structured courses will lay the correct foundation. After understanding the basics next thing is to start your website. Now don’t worry you don’t have to learn HTML or CSS to start your own website. Digital marketing is a practical subject.

So having your own blog or website will help you understand the nuances. So in digital marketing jobs, you will be asked to deal with websites. You will have to do SEO of websites or drive traffic to websites. Now guys if you if you already have your website or blog you will be much more confident.

Next is Master search engine optimization(SEO) You have to understand keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, backlinks. now they may look like jargons right now to you but once you get the concepts then it will be like a smooth sail.

4th point Get Google ads certification, To promote products and services on the internet you will have to use google ads, it will be a part of your job. Google has a lot of resources so you can develop the skills and can get certified. Certification will add to your resume especially if you are a student it will help you in getting a job.

5th thing Learn Facebook advertising As a marketer, you have to understand how different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Youtube how do they work. You can also take my course on social media marketing Bootcamp. Facebook and Instagram because these platforms apart from connecting people, are a great tool for running paid ad campaigns. Facebook has got inbuilt features that you need to master such as targeting, bidding or campaign settings, or setting up creators.

6th Mastering Google analytics. There are many metrics to help you assess the performance of your campaigns and take corrective actions so that you can improve your ROI. Now friends this is a skill that can cut your cost and increase your efficiency. So Initially, you should focus on Integrating Google Analytics with your website Understanding the report dashboard set up some parameters like UTM, and use them to test your results.

7th important skill is Understand Affiliate marketing. It is used by almost every blogger and big YouTubers. Guys, In affiliating marketing, basically you earn a commission by selling the product or service to the customers. You act as an affiliate who promotes the product of the merchant who owns the product. Now there are some affiliate networks and they can connect you to the merchant. So affiliate marketing is important to understand because it can make you a digital entrepreneur. And it is one of the fastest-growing industries!

8th skill is Email marketing. Even today email marketing is one of the most valuable tools of digital marketing. So try to focus on:

How to get more number of subscribers How do you Segment email lists there are many tools, many software which will come to your rescue like MailChimp get a response

9th skill is Learning digital marketing tools. You cant do everything yourself. So if you take the help of tools you can automate, bring efficiency, you can scale up your business. There are various types of tools depending on the category.

You can find a list of tools in the description. Now some important tools are for Analytics you can use Adobe and google analytics for Email marketing platforms you can use Mailchimp, convert kit or get a response. For Social media managemer you can use Hootsuite, buffer, later.

for SEO research you can use the google keyword planner tool, Moz, SEMrush. Now many people ask me How to get a job as a digital marketer? So I will tell you some very simple to follow steps.

1st Try to make an elevator pitch! Before you start selling products, you should learn to sell yourself. So For example, Hi, My name is Sweta. I use tested digital marketing strategies to help individuals and businesses develop their brands.

2 step Make a great portfolio one of the best ways to get experience is by doing some mock projects. And the best way to start is by working on your website. Once you master the skills, try to help your friends and family. Do their work for free. Then ask for testimonials and then Work on your resume and CV. Now, After the corona pandemic, digital marketing is seeing a huge demand. And people with skills are more in demand than people with degrees. So my recommendation is to grab the skills now.

So here is the summary, there is no specific background that is needed to start digital marketing. There are various types of jobs available like SEO, social media managers. If you want to build your career start by learning specific things like SEO, Facebook ads, google analytics, affiliate marketing, email marketing.

Learn tools and there is a plethora. Then Develop your own website, because the website will give you a hands-on experience in digital marketing. Build a portfolio and write a compelling resume. So follow these tips guys and I am sure you will have a rocking career in digital marketing.