Ginger And Garlic Paste: welcome back to the AllIndiaEvent website, today we will talk about a small business. It can be started easily at a low cost, which is a small business idea, friends, many people dream of starting their own business, then you can start the business of making a ginger-garlic paste, in this All you need is ginger. And we have to make garlic paste and launch it in the market under our own name.

What Is The Business Of Ginger-Garlic Paste?

Ginger and garlic paste is a vegetable condiment made by grinding ginger and garlic together. Actually selling paste made of ginger and garlic at a good price in the market is a small business, which everyone can do within their budget in today’s time. You can start accordingly.

How To Start The Business Of Making Ginger-Garlic Paste?

Doing business of ginger and garlic paste is an easy task, but before starting any business, know and understand all the information related to the business, only then start the business so that you do not face any problems later. So let’s know how to make a plan to start a business.

Business Startup Plan

Friends, plans and strategies are prepared to start any business, whether it is small or big, only after that the business is started, so that along with success in the business in the shortest possible time, a respected name can be found in the market. There should be a name too. Business plan for ginger and garlic paste which are as follows –

  • Find out the demand for ginger and garlic paste in the market.
  • Do market research and marketing to make the paste business successful.
  • Get all kinds of licenses related to the business.
  • Choose the right place for a ginger garlic business.
  • After selecting the location fit the machine and rack.

Market Research Of Ginger-Garlic Paste Business

There will be many traders in the market who will be doing the business of ginger and garlic paste, with the help of which you can find out about the demand for the paste and also get more information. To make the business successful, it is most important to fulfil the needs of the customers, according to that, prepare ginger and garlic paste in the company. So that the product reaches the customers on time.

Ginger-Garlic Paste Is In Demand In The Market

According to market research, keep in mind the demand for ginger and garlic paste and how much to produce in future.

Selection Of Place For Ginger-Garlic Business

Talking about the choice of place for the ginger garlic business, for this you should have an open area and roadside. From where vehicles can easily move and also the space should be 500 to 700 square meters. Must be fit. You can build factories in it. While choosing the place, keep in mind that there should be an arrangement of water around and choose a clean place.

Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe

Now we know about the most important part of the business, which is the method of making ginger garlic paste, which is important for businessmen to know, even if you do not have experience with this method, you can do this business, For this, you need some such experts, who will prepare ginger garlic paste through their recipe and take your business forward. But in this article, we will tell you about the general recipe or method of preparation –

  • To make the paste, first of all, you have to peel and clean ginger and garlic, for this you use a machine.
  • After cleaning the garlic and ginger it needs to be cleaned once so as to improve the quality of the paste.
  • After a thorough cleaning, all the materials are collected in a crusher machine, after which the finished product is again fed into another machine to make a fine-quality paste.
  • After the paste is prepared, it is packed with automatic packing and labelling machine.

Raw Material For Making A Paste

Talking about the raw material of this business, it mainly uses ginger, garlic and packaging material, which you can keep as your stock throughout the year, for this, you can talk to farmers and get cheap rates. You can buy ginger here. And keep stock of garlic for your business. Also, use recycled plastic for packaging which is easily available in the market.

License And Registration For Starting A Business

Government permission is required for the business of making ginger or garlic paste, also a separate FSSAI license will be required for the food business. This is necessary for food-related business, without this you cannot start this business, apart from this, Neem documents will be required which are as follows.

  1. GST Registration
  2. Business License
  3. Aadhar Card, Passport Size Photo, Ration Card, Contact Number, Address.

Ginger Garlic Paste Machine

Now it comes to machines, which machine is used to make ginger garlic paste and at what cost the machines can be found in the market, if you are thinking that you can do this business without a machine, then you are wrong. Are. Because machinery is needed to grow the business rapidly over time, without it you can work but cannot run the business. It is imperative for you to produce around 20 to 35 kg of ginger and garlic paste in a day. Only then you will be able to succeed in this business. So let’s know which machines you can buy from India Mart’s website-

  • pulping machine
  • skin peeling machine
  • water jet washer
  • crusher machine
  • stainless steel tank
  • packaging machine
  • weighing machine

Packaging And Labeling Of Ginger-Garlic Paste

Friends, after the ginger garlic paste is prepared, it is passed through a packaging machine in which the paste is packed well, along with the name of your business and complete information is printed on the packet. In which the date of making the paste or the date of making and expiry date as well as the name of the ingredients used in the paste are also given in detail.

Total Investment In Ginger-Garlic Paste Business

If we talk about the total cost of a ginger-garlic business, then it completely depends on how you do business, if you do this business on a large scale, then it will cost you about 3 to 4 lakhs. may come. If the place is yours But if you want to start a small-scale business, then it costs you around 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

Net Earning In Ginger-Garlic Paste Business

If we talk about profit in the ginger-garlic paste business, then earning in this business depends on you, how hard you work and how much you pay attention to the quality of your product. You can earn 40 to 50 thousand net every month by running.