A visit to the Pink City, an old fortified district in the centre of Jaipur, is included in many travel itineraries. Three major sections make up Jaipur Tour Packages. First, visit the most popular Jaipur locations to make your tour filled with memories.

Places you can’t miss in Jaipur.

The bazaars are filled with traditional Rajasthani handicrafts such as jewellery, clothing, ceramics, and woodwork. Hence, the places are given below. 

1. The pink city

The Pink City, an old royal city created by Maharaja Jai Singh with possessing spectacular entrances, is located in the center of Jaipur. One distinguishing feature of these entirely rose-colored buildings is their grid-like arrangement, with their linear, straight, and large roadways leading – up to open areas at the important connections. The tour to pink city is the most amazing activity in your Jaipur Tour Packages. 

2. City palace

In the center of Pink City is the City Palace, the gorgeous building in Jaipur. The hereditary royal dynasty still resides in a portion of the palace that Maharaja Jai Singh initially completed in the 1720s. So when people pass by the massive Tripolia Gate on the southern side of the building during an official meeting, you may see them in the parade.

Regular tourists enter the castle through the less elegant eastern gate, which takes you to one of its principal squares with the stunning Mubarak Mahal in the middle.

Although it was originally constructed as a wedding hall in the 19th century, it now houses a textile collection that includes rare hand-woven, brocaded, and sequined fabrics worn by ancient royals.

The Armory, which is located to the north of the courtyard, is home to one of Rajasthan’s best weapon inventories and displays them with flamboyance.

So do not miss visiting the city in your Jaipur Tour Packages.

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3. Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar, a collection of 18 stone astrological measurement equipment constructed in the 18th century after being ordered by Maharaja Jai Singh, an avid astrologer himself, is located in a wide grassy enclosure to the south of the City Palace. The randomly positioned buildings and shapes evoke an abstract sculptural park, making for fantastic photo opportunities.

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4. Hawa Mahal

The east side of the City Palace is known as the Palace of Winds as well as the Hawa Mahal, two of Jaipur’s best iconic structures. In the 18th centuries, royal women were usually mandated to stay in purdah, therefore this structure was made to enable them to view activity on the street without bringing attention to themselves. In addition, to make accommodations for the palanquins carrying the royal women, the Hawa Mahal has ramps instead of stairs.

It would be easier to enter the structure if you briefly traveled down a route that heads north toward Tripolia Bazaar. While entering, you can climb the structure’s back and look down into the sheltered recesses where the old princess once peeked while viewing Jaipur’s bustling streets.

In essence, the Hawa Mahal merely served as an addition to the existing palace when it was ordered to be completed in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh. The Hawa Mahal has 953 windows, some of which are tiny peepholes to keep commoners from looking back at the royal ladies. Visit the place included in Rajasthan Tour Packages and feel the royal culture.

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You should visit Albert Hall and Ram Niwas Garden, which tells the stories of this city’s distinctive past when you have finished admiring the majesty of these locations. Then, smartly organize your trip, so you don’t miss any breathtaking views from Jaipur.