We are going to tell you some special things related to Bata, the company of shoes and slippers in India, let’s know.

You must be aware of Bata, the company of shoes and slippers. People of India buy the most shoes and slippers from this brand. It is said that Bata’s shoes and slippers are durable. Once bought, it does not break for years. In such a situation, do you know that this company had once gone bankrupt in its own country?

Yes, you are hearing right. At one time the condition of the Bata company had become very bad. Very few people would know that Bata is not an Indian company. There are many people even today who would consider Bata an Indian company, but if you also think so, then you are wrong.

Where Is Bata Company

Bata is a Czechoslovakian company. Thomas Bata started this company in 1894. Thomas Bata belongs to a very small family. In such a situation, many generations of his family used to do the business of shoes for years. In such a situation, the life of Thomas Bata was not so easy since childhood. His childhood had passed through a financial crisis.

This Company Was Started In 1894

Looking at the financial condition of the family, in 1894, Thomas had taken two shops on rent in the village itself, taking forward the work of his family shoes. After persuading his family, Thomas took about $320 from his family and bought about 2 sewing machines. In such a situation, Thomas had also taken some loans. With its help, he was able to buy some raw materials.

The Company Went Bankrupt

At the same time, Thomas came into debt after some time. This company was also declared bankrupt. After this, Thomas started working as a labourer in a shoe company in New England. After working here for 6 months, he thought of restarting his business in a new way. In 1912, he hired 600 workers and once again started his work. This year proved to be very good for him.

Thomas Died In 1932

At the same time, in the year 1932, he died in an air accident. After him, his son took over his business. In such a situation, he came to India in search of rubber for business, then he saw that Indian people do not wear shoes. In such a situation, an idea came to his mind why not open a branch of his company in India as well? In such a situation, in 1931, Bata opened a shop in Kolkata, India.

Everyone Likes To Wear These Shoes In India

Apart from being India’s first shoe company, their shoes used to be very strong. Also, it was very cheap. In such a situation, the demand for the shoes of this company increased a lot in India. Then what was it, this company went into a lot of profit since coming to India. Even today you will find many Bata stores in every state of India.