In the 2017 year, the title of the Emerging School of the Year was provided to the VSI International Sr. Sec. School by the honorable education minister. All prominent facilities such as sports and extracurricular are available in this school. VSI International School is quite popular in Jaipur for its best study methodology & experienced faculty. The students at the school are from the playgroup to the Sr. Sec. level.

The VSI International Senior Secondary School 2021 implements the Students Enrichment Programmes effectively. This student enrichment program is for the overall development of the students at both physical and mental levels. VSI is the Best School In Jaipur English medium as it has the best infrastructure and excellent teachers.

The VSI International school gives different types of awards to the students. The awards are given for different categories and they are illustrated below:-


There are awards given for the different categories by the VSI International Sr. Sec. School for the students who achieve their desired position in the school. Every student’s effort is recognized by the school authority. Such Recognitions are awarded to the students that are illustrated below:-

  • Best Students– The Best Student award is given to the child who has shown exceptional academic progress in the studies. In studies, the one who has shown consistent progress is awarded the “Best Student award”. Students strive hard to obtain the best award-giving. These award-giving trends led to a competitive feeling among the students where they tend to work hard to achieve awards. Likewise, they really work hard to achieve the best student title.
  • All Rounder Students- The child who shows the overall development is awarded the All Rounder Students award. The students who exhibit versatile qualities are considered eligible for this award. Some students have special abilities that they are good at in academic as well as extracurricular activities. Such students are considered appropriate for the all-rounder award.
  • Highest Scorer Students-The child who scores the highest marks in the exams is awarded the highest scorer students award. This award is implemented in order to encourage young students. With this award, students have a competitive feeling to score the maximum marks in a particular subject. In this way, students do more hard work and strive for excellence. VSI International Senior Secondary School is the Best School In Jaipur Rajasthan to help students in growing stronger physically and mentally.
  • 100% Attendance- The 100% Attendance award is given to the students who came to the school regularly and the one who has not taken a single leave. This award is implemented to make students more disciplined and punctual with regularity.VSI is the Best RBSE English Medium School In Jaipur that demands 100% attendance from its students within a year.
  • Ideal Monitor- The ideal monitor award is given by the VSI International English Medium School to the student who has shown excellent performance by being an ideal monitor of the class. This award is implemented to encourage students to monitor the class effectively.

Why Choose VSI International Senior Secondary School for your Kids?

One should choose the VSI International Senior Secondary School for Kids as it has the following features which make it more advanced and special. The features are as follows:-

  • Curriculum– The school has a simplified curriculum in which the syllabus is simplified for easy learning of the students. The vast syllabus is made easy at the school so that students can easily cover the whole syllabus without facing any difficulty. VSI is the best International School in Jaipur that provides a very easy curriculum so that students of any type are able to understand things easily.
  • Playschool– The school has playschool in which the students can enjoy the different games and other playing things. The playing staff is there in enormous quantity including the soft toys for the little kids. There are all types of playing stuff in school. VSI has the Best Play School in Jaipur.
  • Junior group– The school has a junior group which comprises the junior students of the school. The junior group is active and dynamic. It comprises the young students of the school who are eager to participate in any fun activity and sports.
  • The senior group-The school has a senior group that comprises the senior students of the school. The senior students are the leaders of the school. They keep notice of all the major activities happening in the school. They guide the young junior group on what to do. Hence the senior group is in an authority position within the school.
  • Evaluation and promotion– The school has a simple way of evaluation and promotion. After the evaluation process only they are further promoted to the next class.
  • Subjective Labs-The school consists of subjective labs according to the subjects. Like there are respective labs for the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the school.
  • Other Educational Activities-The school also has provisions for other educational activities which shape the students into better people and enhances their personality. Various other co-curricular activities are also performed at the school premises. The concept of digital classes is also there at the school. With the digital classes, students can virtually see the videos on the informational topics and grasp the key concepts more easily.

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The Students Enrichment Programmes by VSI Senior Secondary School proves to be much advantageous for the overall development of the students. These programs enrich the lives of the students by providing them social, mental, and emotional development. There is a positive impact on the students of such development programs. Students can directly register online for the admission process via the official website of VSI School.