If you think that only your skin and body is harmed in summer, then you are not completely wrong but you are not completely right either. Along with your skin and body, heat also damages your hair a lot. It is not possible to completely save the hair from the wrath of summer but it can be reduced to a great extent.

Here we are sharing some such easy tips which, if taken care of, can protect the hair from damage and damage caused by summer.

Summer Hair Care Tips: 8 tips to keep hair safe from heat stroke

Comb and brush cleaning

This is a very important and important step which we often forget or ignore. This is one of those habits which often cause a lot of damage to the hair. There is a lot of dirt and buildup in your comb and brush that needs to be cleaned regularly. Not only this, keep cleaning your styling tools regularly so that dirt and hair products do not collect on them. Clean your comb and brush with an old toothbrush and handwash, and wipe down styling tools with a soft cloth.

Cover up

This is a very important tip which is very effective in reducing the damage caused by heat to the hair. Before going out in the sun, cover your hair properly with a scarf or stole, so that the hair is not only protected from strong sunlight but also from dust and soil.

Easy Breezy Hairstyles

By the way, in the summer, all the time I feel like keeping the hair tied in a top knot. But there are many disadvantages of keeping the hair tied in a bun all the time. In summer, due to sweating of hair, there is always moisture in the scalp, in such a situation if you make too tight hairstyle, then the roots of the hair become weak and the scope of hairfall also increases manifold. In summer, try to always make loose hairstyles, so that the hair also gets a chance to breathe.


In summer, everyone gives you only one advice and that is to keep yourself hydrated. Skin experts also recommend it because dehydrated body means dehydrated body. But very few people know and understand that if your body is not hydrated then it also affects your hair. Lack of water in the body not only makes the hair dry and frizzy, but the scalp can also become dry and flaky. To avoid this, drink plenty of water and other liquids in summer.

Reduce styling

Style your hair in the summer as little as possible. Especially minimize the use of heating tools. The weather is already very hot, on top of that heat styling can damage hair even more. Not only this, styling products also contain a huge amount of chemicals, so avoid them too. Heat styling will not only dry out and damage the hair but will also increase hairfall.

Refreshing spray

The problem that most people face in summer is the smell coming from the hair due to sweating. Hair odor is a very common problem due to being tied up for a long time or due to not being able to dry the sweat properly. To get rid of this problem, there are many hair sprays available in the market, but our hair already suffers a lot of chemicals, so it is better to try something home or natural. Mix rose water, aloe vera gel, a little almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar in a spray bottle and use it as needed. This will not only remove the smell of sweat but will also reduce frizz.

Regular trimming

It is very common to have frizzy hair or increase in split ends during the summer season. To avoid this problem, keep your hair trimmed regularly. Not only this, if possible, carry short hairstyles in summers because they are very easy to style and manage. Trimming also makes your hair look healthy and thick.

Scalp exfoliation

During the summer season, your skin produces more oil than at other times, due to which the dirt also collects more. This applies not only to the skin of the face or body, but also to the scalp. The natural oils, product build-up and dirt from the scalp can often clog the pores of the scalp, which not only weakens the hair follicles but also slows down hair growth. For this, it is very important to exfoliate your scalp from time to time with the help of homemade scrub or scalp exfoliator.

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