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What Are The Different Types Of Insurance One Should Have

Having general Insurance is very important in today’s time. We are currently witnessing the COVID-19 pandemics in which many families lost their loved ones and some of them even lost their sole earners. Therefore you need to secure yourself as well as your family from any kind of financial cries and you can…

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Why Does Every Indian Need To Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most but least discussed topics in India. It is so important that it should actually be taught in schools and colleges. But if you go and speak with a typical college student as to what they know about health insurance, this is the type of a typical…

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Know! How Health Insurance Taking Care of Your Family

In India, Health Insurance is highly neglected and undervalued. The belief that only older people get ill is absolutely a myth. In today’s world, pollution, hectic lifestyle, and substandard food products are causing health issues in people of all age groups. The rising air pollution in metropolitan cities has caused lung diseases and…

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Top 5 Reasons of Buying Health Insurance For You

The medical expenses in our country have increased as the risk of getting ill has risen too. One cannot simply bear the medical expenses out of the pocket or savings without a Health Insurance. In India, depending upon government hospitals can get individual good facilities at cheaper rates but the queue is long….

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