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Why Should One Use Spearmint Oil On A Regular Basis

The vivid green leaves of the Mentha Spicata plant, from which the oil is extracted, are where the plant gets its moniker, “spearmint.” Spearmint, or Mentha Spicata, is a type of mint that goes by several other names. In the herbaceous plant family, spearmint is classified as a perennial. The leaves’ sharp ends give spear […]

Peppermint Oil and Its Combinations To Reduce Brain Fog and Mental Clarity 

Essential oils that are used widely across the globe in a plethora of medicinal ways. The technique that is discussed here is well known- Aromatherapy. Yes, this therapy has a lot of benefits for your body and mind. When mixed with correct and effective combinations they have the power to heal and do wonders to […]

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