Now we have already known to you that what is insurance or how many types are there, so now it comes to how insurance is done i.e. what is the date of buying a policy. So let’s come to how to buy the policy.

There are dates for getting insurance done like:

    Get it done by an agent of the insurance company.

    Visit the company yourself and get it insured

    Taking insurance from company website

    Register on Online Broker Website Get Insurance

Get insured from an agent of the insurance company

Almost every insurance company has KE agents whose job is to negotiate or send the policy to the customer through the policy details thick tray.

According to you, by calling the policy agent to your house and sitting at your house, understanding the insurance policy of your nature, he is able to buy the policy. For example, before signing any insurance policy document, it is very important to take all the documents thoroughly.

Get yourself insured by visiting the insurance company

If you have already decided that you want to buy insurance from the company, then you can go directly to the company’s office to know the details of your policy and get strict.

Taking insurance online from company website

In today’s digital India era, you are able to buy your own insurance online by visiting the website of the company you want to take insurance. For this you need to have online banking facility.

Register with any online broker through Insurance

There are many saree insurance companies available in the market these days. Checking each company’s premium rate practically does sound a bit daunting.

So nowadays such websites are available on which you can register your demands and apk budget. You Company Compare All Insurance Contact Yourself.

This website is important for you to find the best policy you get. You can also buy an insurance policy directly through such a company.

What is insurance? how many types are there, how it happens, it all comes bad after knowing the most important part i.e. how to claim after reading the insurance done? Here comes the process of claiming the policy.

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How to claim insurance

After insuring the most important part is to claim the policy for us when necessary reading. Many times people do not get how to claim their policy money or their money keeps on coming for days. Sometimes the insurance claim is also canceled due to filling of incorrect statements, it has to be done with utmost care.

Life insurance claim

Life insurance is claimed in 2 cases

a) Agriculture policy holder has died

b) When the policy has matured

In the first case some important documents are required like death certificate and nomination certificate. A form has to be filled along with death certificate, nomination certificate and policy documents to be attached. If AGR happens in a death accident, then it is also necessary to attach a copy of the FIR.

The worst of filling the form and attaching all the important documents is to submit these documents to the policy office. The company checks all the documents and gives the policy amount to the nominee. Generally the process of document verification takes a little while.

The insurance company policy has a discharge voucher delivered at your registered address in case the case matures, which needs to be signed by the policy holder. After signing for filling the voucher has to be sent to the company office and release the amount of bad company policy to get the voucher.

General insurance claim

To make a general insurance claim also a form has to be filled which is provided by the insurance company. In which the policy number and other necessary details have to be filled.

After filling this form, you have to submit it to the bad company. The company does the verification from its side whether your heavy details are fixed or not or if they were thick then the company gives you the amount of your insurance.

Cashless claim

Sometimes a policy is for cashless claims like bike insurance or health insurance. Some cases are already dealt with in the company. For example, if you have cashless health insurance, then I mention in your policy document that you can go to the hospital and get yourself treated. It has to happen that you have health insurance.

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