In most cases, an AC High Voltage Tester is what’s required to examine the functionality of a given electrical gadget. Primary high voltage testing is conducted by the manufacturer as part of type and routine tests during manufacturing to ensure the required standards, quality, and dependability. Some examples are lightning and switching resistance tests, insulation resistance tests, and partial discharge measurements.

This AC High Voltage Tester uses generators operating in the capacity range of electricity up to 100 KV range and higher to assess the insulation between the primary and secondary conductors and the direct and earth. This contrasts with the significantly lower-range testers used on the field for maintenance purposes.

How is High Voltage Testing Carried Out?

During an installation test or regular maintenance, high-voltage testing is performed. The withstand voltage test is commonly used to verify if a transformer’s dielectric strength is sufficient for use or as part of maintenance programs to demonstrate that equipment can continue to resist high voltages.

The overvoltage lasts for around 60 seconds between the transformer’s mains and secondary or the secondary and ground. Suppose the measured current is less than the maximum leakage current authorized and does not cause the insulation to break. In that case, the high voltage testing confirms that the product will be safe to use under usual operating conditions. This sort of testing may now be performed with the SMC Raptor System.

Critical Advantages of AC High Voltage Tester:

  • The high voltage technology enterprises must undertake routine inspections periodically to ensure the equipment’s integrity, condition, and safety. Regular maintenance should include a thorough examination of the equipment by authorized personnel. To ascertain the machine’s reliability, testing is required.
  • Equipment and machine breakdown can result in considerable output losses. Hence regular checks are performed to reduce the likelihood of this happening. To ensure the safety of your equipment, periodic inspections are recommended by some of the best AC High Voltage Tester Manufacturers in India.
  • Before installing new machinery, these evaluations might assist in establishing an accurate budget for the acquisition. Multiple industrial sectors do high-voltage insulation tests on their machinery before selling the results to consumers.
  • The benefits of high-voltage insulation testing are highly dependent on the dependability and quality of the machines. These testing procedures provide reliable and effective insulation for any electrical device since they ensure the machines are in perfect working order and ready for use at every stage. The insulating resistance of equipment is best measured with high-voltage tests. But it displays maximum high voltage that can overstress the equipment’s insulation. The use of testing equipment can significantly aid accurate results.


Research suggests that portable PerfluoroelastomerFfkm O-Rings be brought along on trips where high-voltage equipment will be used. Additionally, finding systemic faults can also lengthen the life of the equipment being tested.

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