Some of them provide unique health benefits. These are the 10 healthiest fruits on the planet.

1.BANANA This sweet fruit has high potassium content which helps lower high blood pressure levels.

2. APPLE Apples are rich in antioxidants flavonoids which help in controlling sugar and prevent diabetes.

3. BLACKBERRY It is the best medicine for lung cancer. They are also known to treat gout related symptoms.

4. AVOCADO Avocados contain monosaturated fatty acids that help lower your cholesterol levels.

5. CRANBERRIES Cranberries are known for their antibacterial properties and help treat urinary infections. gall stones. kidney stones. ulcers

6. GRAPES Grapes are rich in antiox dants called resveratrol which prevents heart and related disease and help reduce blood pressure levels.

7. MANGO Mangoes are rich in ant axidants zeaxanthin and lutein which improve vision and reduce blindness in adults.

8. ORANGE Oranges are rich in phyto chemicals called hesp ridin. which reduces blood cholesterol levels.

9. KIWIFRUIT Kiwifruits help in the development of teeth. bones and cartilage. They also prevent heart diseases.

10. PAPAYA Papayas are rich in an enzyme called papain that helps is digestion and cures all digestion related problems.