COVID-19 has left a lot of people jobless, most are not receiving salaries and the rest are getting a pay cut. However, during this pandemic, some jobs were not affected at all. In fact, some careers have just gotten better. This is why in today’s article we are going to see.

The 5 coolest occupations that must be checked after the pandemic are. But this article is not about this list. What can you do to start these professions, and why are these professions “cool”? Finally, I will provide you with a bonus tip to help you choose a job that suits you. Finally, I will provide you with a bonus tip to help you choose a job that suits you.

The list of “cool” occupations we created today is based on 4 parameters.

1) LinkedIn’s India 2020 Emerging Jobs Report 2) The impact a career can have on your customers’ lives. 3. Considering that remote work is a new trend, it is hopeful that jobs can be transferred to India in the future. 4. Of course, you can easily learn them at home. If these 4 parameters do not help your career. I don’t know what will!

So let’s take a quick look at the top 5 professions you must invest in to determine if they are ideal for you.

Career #5: Mobile Developer Now you’ll tell me that you are not from a Computer Science background. Relax, the fact is that large-scale recruiters sometimes accept graduation from Electric or even Civil, which tells you that technology does not belong to anyone’s father. Therefore, the good news is that you can know it regardless of your background.

Now, what does Mobile Developers do? As the name suggests, they create apps for mobile phones. Since the start of the lock, you have to use GooglePay to pay at least once, you have to use Zomato or Swiggy to order, and it may be an app. There is no denying that mobile applications will continue to exist. So, why not learn it to make money?

To learn mobile development, you must have. Technical Skills and Soft Skills.

For Technical Skills, start learning Flutter. There are free Flutter courses on the Flutter official website, covering everything from installation to deployment. So if you want to become an Android app developer, this is the best place to start. I’ve left their link in the description. The second skill you must have is “soft skills.” In the software world, technology is the easiest part.

What’s difficult is communication. This is a well-known meme in the software field. It basically represents that the frequency of customer requests is completely different from the content delivered by the software team. Therefore, it is important to learn how to effectively communicate with customers and colleagues. Now, while you master these skills, you can do something to achieve your career.

(1) To improve your coding skills, pick up a personal project. An application is as simple as a countdown timer, or an application that plays your favorite song as an alarm clock. Next, to make money from your new knowledge, please contact your network. I am sure that at least one friend in your circle is setting up a startup. Offer to create an app for them. for example. A friend of mine decided to make an app for the beauty salon she had been to, and this app later helped her land a job in Google. And finally, use all this experience to apply to your Dream Company or start-up, which will welcome you with open arms.

Because, with the help of COVID, all companies realize that it is better to be an app on a user’s phone than on a billboard.

Career #4: UI/UX Designer these days, it’s all about the user experience.  And a UI/UX designer is responsible for it.  UI means User Interface.  What button goes where what features get listed, what is center-aligned, font, colors,  cross-platform compatibility on phone or laptop.  Basically, they deal with looks.  On the other hand, user experience designers focus on user experience. How users react to the product and how things work. Now, the tools you need to learn for this job are.

Adobe XD or Figma It helps to know languages like HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript.  And skills like. User Research and Customer Analysis. I suggest you read these two books.  They bring our attention to designs around us that we often miss noticing.  And that’s the point.  A good design should just blend with our existing world.  If a user needs to open a manual to operate a product or run an app. Then, the user experience designer of the team failed.  And that’s how important this career is.  Now, while you are learning these tools, here is what you can do to get your foot in the door.

1) Think of how you would re-design apps/websites that you already use.  Like Twitter, Swiggy, or visit our website and tell us how you want to redesign it. Put all your work on “Dribbble”. It is important to have a portfolio because people want to check your work before giving you a job.  After that, list yourself on Fiverr or TapChief.  These tiny projects help you build a portfolio that you can later use to apply to better jobs.  I will tell you why UI/UX designer is on this list  During the lockdown, a lot of 40-50-year-old does have been trying to go digital.  People like your parents.  But remember, these are people who don’t like technology.  And that might be because of. Bad UI/UX.  However, if you become a UI/UX designer, then you have the opportunity to make their transition to technology better.  And that’s what makes this profession so cool.  We also try to learn about UI/UX by participating in various seminars and follow the creators of some UI/UX experts.  You can check them out too. I have left their links in the description.  So comment below and tell me.

What is the app you want to redesign as a UI/UX developer?

For example Career #3: Digital Marketing Specialist According to the World Economic Forum by 2030, about 40% of all purchases will be online.  A process that the lockdown would only accelerate. And that’s where Digital Marketing Specialists come in.  In simple terms, a Digital Marketing Specialist promotes and sells a product using various digital channels, like Email Marketing, Company Website, Blogs, Social Media Ads, and Search Engine Optimization.  Some skills you need to master to become a digital marketing expert. Knowing Google Analytics, FB Analytics, Instagram Analytics to understand your audience. Improving Search Engine Ranking (through SEO and SEM).  Learn how to create compelling content through content marketing. Making amazing videos that talk about a brand. And of course, how to engage with your audience regularly.  If I had to give you an example… According to my personal opinion, the Netflix India Instagram page does a great job in this regard. Because they keep asking viewers questions, creating memes, and posting summaries from the show.

All these participations brought excitement to the upcoming show. All these directly lead to sales. Now, what should you do after you master these skills? It can be seen that Covid-19 has forced people to switch to digital transactions. To give you an example.

For five months, my maid, Akka, did not receive cash. She asked me to use GooglePay to pay my salary. However, this digital transformation is not easy for companies. Therefore, as a new digital marketing expert, you can first help local companies go online. Start with the business you know or use. For example, Didi which sells cloth or bhaiyya which sells plants or a small khaki business from which you order snacks.

Help them get online. 2) Many professionals who have settled down want to shift their careers sharply to photography, travel or fitness and follow their hearts. I am sure you know at least one of them. I think of at least five. Therefore, help them build an online image.

3) You can even help Doctors go online. What do you do when someone recommends you to see a doctor? Your search for them on Google. These days, it’s important for doctors to appear in search results, where people can see the comments that patients give them. I helped a doctor friend of mine set up a Google sheet for online dating. Therefore, if you know a doctor, digitize it. Through this profession, you can not only help yourself but also directly contribute to the Indian economy. According to me, nothing is cooler than this. So please stay calm. And comment below and let me know. What is one thing to be a digital marketing expert?

For example, Career #2: Data Scientist A data scientist is someone who understands trends. You have been spending online. Someone is collecting this data from your smartphone, social media posts and even emails. They use all this unstructured data to understand it and store it. This way other people (such as digital marketing experts, UI/UX designers, app developers) can use the data to “improve” the customer experience. You need to learn some skills to become a data scientist. If you are already a programmer, then data science is one of the skills you can add to your resume to increase your salary. And since we are more online now than offline, companies have a lot of data… and they are looking for skilled data scientists to understand them. Be it Amazon, Netflix, Apple, or Google. To learn and start applying. Remember, pandemic or not businesses will always run. And because of COVID-19, working remotely has become a trend. This means that some high-paying jobs from all over the world may be transferred to India.

The question is will you be prepared for it? The only way to ‘Power Ahead’ in life, is to keep learning. And one of the ways you can learn is through Great Learning. This video is bought for you by them, only because they offer courses for careers we have discussed today. Before I tell you the #1 coolest professions, hear me out. Great Learning offers World Class Degrees and Certificate Programs in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, and more. They provide personalized guidance through Mentorship Sessions and hands-on experience through industry-relevant projects. So that you can learn by doing. They also conduct mock interviews, hackathons, and career fairs. So that you can network and be a part of a group of like-minded individuals. So as a Student or an Experienced Professional… if you want to ‘Power Ahead’ in your career, then check out Great Learning. Kyu ki..’Jo Seekhta hai, wohi aagey badta hai’.

Their link is in the description. And finally, we have. Career #1: Educational Content Writer Okay. I might be biased. But hear me out! When I was in college, the craze was. Main roadie banonga. Today’s craze is. Main Youtuber banunga.’ Let me be clear. Being a professional YouTube creator is like having your own startup company. Unless you do it yourself first, please gain experience in a certain field and have enough knowledge to at least teach beginners to use Youtube without adding any value. Neither to you monetarily nor to your users.

Now, why is this the first job? Because these days, our memory is like a goldfish, our attention span is. Basically, our attention span is less than 10 seconds. Writing educational scripts requires a lot of effort. Therefore, the job of an educational content writer is to make complex topics simple and interesting. The only way to learn it is to practice. The necessary skills to become an educational content writer. Believe me, we have browsed 100 profiles, conducted interviews, given paid assignments, and then reviewed them so that they can learn and retrieve them, even one person cannot be selected. Therefore, if you think you have these skills, please work with us. We hope you can join our team. However, if you do not want to work with us, please create your online course and host it on multiple ED-Tech websites. Or, just hire. Digital marketing experts, UI/UX designers, data scientists, application developers, and create your own Ed-Tech platform. So if you are excited about this, please comment below and let me know.

What are you going to do to become an Educational Content Writer?  For example.  Before I give you the Bonus Tip if you want to know how to use all these skills and make money online. We make a Career, Finance, and Communication videos regularly.

The problem with companies today is that they can only provide you with work if you have experience. But to get the experience you need a job.  The only way to break this deadlock is to work for your friends and family.  No matter the profession you pick, broadcast in every WhatsApp group that you are ready to work for free.  Everybody needs the skills that we have discussed today. Managers need to prepare PPTs, Startups need to design landing pages, Influencers need help with social media, and companies need help with press releases.

You might find more leads in your WhatsApp groups than anywhere else.  And when you are a fresher, it’s okay to work for free.  Somebody trusting you enough to give you some work, itself is an opportunity.  Your job is to learn from these opportunities and build a portfolio that you can later use to charge people money.

And yes all of this is hard work.  So today’s Bonus Tip is this…  ‘The coolest career for you, is the one that you won’t mind sweating for.’  Because if you feel like giving up easily, then that’s not the career for you. So, go and find out, for yourself. Which profession is worth hustling for.  For me, it’s working on Skillo. And I hope that while you and I are together (virtually). You’ll figure out yours too.