We are going to tell about how money is earned for some different Women. Friends, not only women, then girls can also do it very easily. Today all the women and young girls are sitting at home. And it is better to earn some money than sitting empty like this.

Today I am going to tell you 8 such ways for women to earn some online and some offline money so that you can use the time properly. Yes, friends, in today’s article to earn money, you women are going to learn a lot of new things and they are going to learn how to earn money from whatever comes to them. So stay with me and know the complete information.

Women earn money by freelancing

Perhaps women will not know what freelancing is. But I understand you what freelancing is. Freelancing means self employed means self employed. Simply put, freelancing is about taking your services for others and earning money from them. That is, to give your service to an employer for a short term and to give service, that is, after completing the work, this would be freelancing. Now women or girls will have a lot of art so that you can earn money. Now the question is where do we find these freelancing jobs. So I have a solution for this too.

You will get to see a lot of freelancing web sites in the market. You can see the web sites of freelancing by clicking here, you can choose any of them. How you have to come to these websites, you will also find these steps on the same link.

If you choose the Fiverr website, then its process is slightly different, which I have written on my website. So in this way, women can easily earn money by doing online freelancing sitting at home.

Women Earn Money From Meesho App

A lot of women would know about this app but those who do not know what it is, I will tell you now. Meesho App This is an app to sell products and goods that women can earn money by sitting at home. On Meesho App, you will get to see products in many categories, which you can sell and earn as commission. On this app you will find fashion, coocking utensils, cosmetics, kitchen accessories, toys, shoes, mobile accessories, electronics, furniture and many more. But now you will say how to sell it. Is there any investment in this?

No, there is no investment. There is no need to invest any money to get this app. To run it, all you need is your smartphone, good internet and Meesho app installed.

How To Earn Money From Meesho App

  • Download the app.
  • After downloading, now you have to log in with your mobile number.
  • Once you are logged in, now you have to share the product you want to sell. enough.
  • You can share photos on your WhatsApp, Facebook and other media.
  • If a customer likes what you have shared and wants to take it, then you have to get complete information from him. Like name, address, mobile number and others.
  • And now you have to fix the order by entering the details given by the customer to that product from Meesho app.
  • Once the order is placed by entering the correct amount and all the details, you will get your commission when the customer pays the money.

So in this way, you ladies can easily sit at home.

Make money selling handmade products

Many women in our India have some kind of art that they can make with their own hands. By making art made with this hand, women can earn money by selling their things.

You can also sell all these products on Meesho app. Or shopify is also a website that will help in creating an online store.

Women Earn Money By Giving Surveys

Many women will not know what surveys are. A survey is a questionnaire on which you have to answer those questions. And you can earn money even by giving services, sitting at home online. As this world is becoming online, the surveys are also increasing because a company or business has to take surveys so that it can understand from the people.

To know more information like what is survey, how they work, where to earn money by doing survey and to know more click here.

Earn By Managing Social Media Accounts

Right now in this hour you can earn money from many things sitting at home. One of them is handling social media accounts. Many big celebrities, businessmen, digital marketers, influencers, motivational speakers and others who do not get time to manage their own social media. And taking advantage of this, women can manage their social media accounts and earn money.

Now the question is where to find such people. For this job, you can get a job by searching social media management on the freelancing website.

Women Earn Money By Cooking

The easiest way for women to earn money is by cooking. The women of India are experts in cooking, which can cook one thing at a time. If you say, you can open your own mess or you can also sell online. You can earn money by selling food through zomato and swiggy to sell online.

Earn Money By Teaching Small Children

Women can also do this very easily. It is a good job to teach small children, so that you women can earn money by giving tuition at home. You have the ability to read small children, if you can handle children in the right way, then definitely do this.

Take Care Of Little Kids And Earn Money

This is also a good and upcoming job for women, which every woman can do easily. Babysitting means that children can earn a lot of money even after being careful. The parents of the small children of Amit house go to work, so if you need someone to take care of them, then you can.