PWD minister Punjab duties and its growth

Public Works Department is a government department responsible for construction, maintenance, and repairs of all Govt buildings, roads, bridges, and irrigation of a state. This department is different in every state. It comes under the state Govt and is headed by the PWD Minister Punjab, and the chief engineer of the PWD advises the state Govt about new ventures and the repairs of the old ones.

PWD is a vast department working on many projects simultaneously, but projects are not the only duties they head.

The duties and responsibilities are so vast that we probably can’t even talk about all of them in this article.

We all travel every day, and we use bridges, water, roads to make our lives easier. PWD is responsible for the development of our state and its cities. Living in beautiful cities and towns, we never know that PWD was behind its design and construction. All the development in every state of our country goes through this department and then to the state government for approval.

The advantages of the PWD department are as follows –

Development in the state

nice roads, bridges matter a lot when it comes to tourism and even for citizens in day-to-day lives. Everyone requires pleasant roads and development in their society and the PWD department is the one that looks over it. Developed cities bring revenue to the state in terms of tourism, foreign investments, new ventures, and much more. PWD is also responsible for granting the permits of the construction on both sides of the roads, like fuel pumps and factories.

Employment generated-

A PWD department has many people working in it, but it’s not the only employment they generate. Through working on projects, they generate thousands of jobs in construction, designing, and legal departments, helping the overall GDP of the country. This department deals in the construction of other Govt departments and generates so many jobs and uplifts that state’s condition.

The residential place for Govt employees

PWD is responsible for building proper and nice residences for Govt employees. As you know, the government offers most Govt employees houses as many are from different states and are working there for the betterment of our country, so PWD is the one that constructs, maintains, and repairs those houses. PWD only constructs Govt houses not private. PWD was established in 1854 during the British era and at that time it used to handle all the public constructions in the country. Including the railways, but since then PWD has changed a lot. Now there are still some familiar functions, but it’s way more organized and systemized than working. We as the citizens of our country living in our respective states know about the new ventures and infrastructures being built but know very little about PWD minister Punjab and the department that are responsible for that. So, use this article and check out the PWD minister Punjab website to know more.