Most businesses in the present day world have been relying on traditional or on-premise MDM solutions. Cloud-based MDM or mobile data management solutions can be a very good alternative. Today, more businesses are preferring cloud based MDM solutions as this offers more secure, flexible and robust management services than any other solution that is available.

Whether you are opting for cloud based mobile data management solutions or the traditional MDM solutions, depends completely on different factors like company policies, levels of configuration, and the type of security you need. A lot of companies, big or small, are now choosing to go for cloud based mobile data management solutions.

Here are some benefits of using cloud-based MDM solutions.

  1. Pricing: Most companies use cloud solutions that have a monthly subscription fee based on how much is used. Cloud based solutions eliminate other costs like paying upfront fees and additional hardware costs that would be required for on-premise data management solutions. The vendor of the MDM solutions is solely responsible for support, updates, and maintenance costs. This is something that small businesses see as a huge advantage.
  2. Set up time: The setup time is very minimal and is mostly done by the service provider. Resources for any cloud system are given by the providers. This includes the initial cost of setup and hardware. Setting up of servers, firewalls and network configurations will all be done for you by the service provider. This saves companies a lot of time and money.
  3. Security: Cloud based mobile data management solutions offer better, enterprise-grade security. The vendor is in charge of the data security and small businesses can get the benefit of enterprise-level security due to their collaboration with an MDM vendor.
  4. Remote access: In order to manage the mobile networks, admins do not need to log into some specific computer or any specific network. This can be done from anywhere in the world, making the process smoother and more efficient for them. Remote access also enables the admins to take action in a timely manner, in case devices are lost or stolen.
  5. Ease in deployment: Cloud solutions in enterprises are deployed with ease and are very hassle-free, as there is no requirement for the installation of onsite hardware or software. There is also no chance of delays since there is very little involvement in technical and IT skills.
  6. Disaster recovery: Businesses need to be aware of the inevitable realities like natural disasters, operational issues, and other unforeseen circumstances. Cloud solutions create a secure backup for all your important data. This provides you with various options for recovering that data. Backing up your data regularly can save your data from being lost. In case data is lost, the data can be recovered easily from where it is stored.

These are some of the most important ways in which cloud mobile data management solutions can help your company. While there are many factors to consider while choosing an MDM solution, the benefits of cloud mobile data management outweigh the cons.