To deal with online fraud and to register its complaint, the government has given a helpline facility. Know where to call you.

Online fraud can happen to anyone at this time as we are doing most of the transactions digitally. Due to digital transactions, it is very common for our money and related information to reach hackers, dealers, etc. As digital transactions are increasing, online frauds are also increasing. Online fraud is not necessarily related to money, it can be of any kind like identity fraud, fraud related to documents, etc.

If seen, online fraud and all these problems prove to be very troublesome and at the same time you do not even understand where to complain about it. There are many steps to make a complaint and what action is being taken on it and how to get your online fraud money back, but the thing to note is that what should be done first?

To solve this problem, recently a government helpline has been issued by the Government of India, which is for registering a complaint related to online fraud.

Which number to call immediately?

If there is an online fraud with you then you have to call on 155260 immediately. It has been set up as a national helpline and is the new reporting platform.

How effective is this helpline?

This helpline was launched on a small scale on April 1, 2021 and according to the report in the third week of June, an amount of Rs 1.85 crore has been saved from fraudsters through this helpline in just two months. In this, fraud of Rs 58 lakh from Delhi and Rs 53 lakh from Rajasthan has been prevented. At present, all major wallets, merchants and banks are working with this helpline. Not only this, e-commerce platforms are also associated with it.

How does this helpline work?

First of all you have to call on 155260 as soon as you know about any kind of online fraud. After this, the information of the concerned state has to be given and your details will be taken according to that state.

First the operator will take the details of the fraud that has happened to you and will ask for the basic details of the caller. After this your information will go to Cyber ​​Crime Reporting and Management.

This information will then be sent to the bank, wallet, merchant etc. The complaint details and number will be sent to the complainant by SMS.

Within 24 hours, complete information from this complaint number is deposited in the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal in detail.

After this, the concerned bank, wallet etc. will check with this number in its internal system.

After this, if the para-transfer of the fraud is not done, then it is stopped from the bank and the bank reverses it from where the money has come.

If it has gone to another bank then your bank will send a request to the other bank to reverse the transaction back.

If the cash is not withdrawn then the chances of the transaction being reversed are very high, but if the cash is withdrawn then it will be difficult.

Apart from this, what to do in case of online fraud?

Notify your bank immediately. Do not wait and save all the documents, messages, emails etc. related to online fraud.

If someone is harassing you through spam, then report it to the nearest police station.

Do not share your OTP, link, password etc. with any person.