If you want to learn how to play online fantasy cricket on fantasy apps, Ungligames is by far your best choice.

It’s pretty easy to play fantasy cricket on the Ungligames app for free. Download the android Ungligames app and the ios Ungligames app here.

To play online cricket fantasy, you will need the tactical know-how on how to predict which of your chosen team of eleven players will get you the maximum points as opposed to teams made by other online cricket fantasy players across the country including your family and friends who are cricket fantasy enthusiasts.


Online Cricket fantasy is majorly about making a team of players on the basis of the form they are in and their past performances so that you are able to make a winning team before the match begins. Overall winnings are calculated on the basis of how the players in your team perform as each player gets a certain number of points for his performance, the cumulative performance of your teams score defines where you will stand at the end of the match. If you are really good at predicting the performances of various players, you have a great chance of winning from the massive prize pools those online fantasy cricket platforms like Ungligames offer.

How to play cricket fantasy Like a Pro online cricket fantasy player?

Like any other skills-based game format online cricket fantasy games also have certain factors to consider making them work in your favor and win cash rewards on a daily basis. Read on to know how to master these factors and make a winning online cricket fantasy team on consistent basis.

Know-How to Evaluate Player Performance when playing cricket fantasy

When we start choosing our team the first thought that comes to our mind is the reputation and the standing a player has achieved over time and how some players are considered Cricket Icons, but we should not let these factors blind us to their current form. It’s important to know how these players are performing currently and if they are now off their peak and are a part of the team solely because of their reputation and not recent results it is best to avoid making them a part of your online cricket fantasy team. Some players may be better suited for a particular pitch or match conditions and choosing them on the basis of their prowess in the current match scenario is one of the ways to ensure that your team comes out a winner in that match.

Understanding Pitch Performance

The pitch is by far the most important factor to predict the outcome of a particular match. All online cricket fantasy participants must understand its importance and regularly study the pitch analysis given by various experts on different online cricket fantasy channels.

The pitch condition is the factor that determines if its more suited to spin bowlers or fast bowlers or what kind of score is expected to be reached in a particular match. This in turn will decide on what kind of targets will the batsmen be able to set and which particular batsmen are more adept at facing the spin bowlers and which ones can tackle the fast bowlers. Once you are aware of the pitch conditions you can make the most suitable cricket fantasy teams on the online cricket fantasy app accordingly.

Find out if you’re favorite Players are playing and if they should be a part of your team

As cricket fans, we all have a set of favorite players and by instinct, we tend to choose them while making our team, what we must understand here is that online cricket fantasy is not about showing our loyalty to our favorite player, it’s about choosing our teams wisely since it involves real money being invested with an aim to make some profits. If our favorite player has had some kind of injury or is not performing well in the past few matches it may be best to just avoid adding them to our online cricket fantasy team. There are two crucial reasons for this, firstly they may not be a good contributor to our overall score and secondly, they may not be able to play only if they are injured and maybe rested so we will have to find an alternative at the last moment that may just kill the momentum we hope to achieve in our online cricket fantasy team selection just before the match starts.

Calculate the Cost Well

Most of you must be aware that every player has a certain “cost” attached to him as the number of points needed to buy them into your team, it’s easy to assume that the more expensive players will be better performers automatically. Try and challenge this assumption and choose solely on the basis of their recent performances, there may be some hidden gems available at cheap prices, these are mostly new and upcoming players who are out to prove themselves and save a spot for themselves in all the future matches. These youngsters sometimes contribute highly to your online cricket fantasy teams’ score and make you some cool profits.

Select Top-order Batsmen More

This factor is really obvious since most matches these days are either T20s or ODs the batsmen on top of the order get the opportunity to score the most as they are more likely to face maximum balls and the middle and lower-order batsmen may not even get an opportunity to play. However good may be the middle-order batsman with a solid reputation and formidable play, he won’t be able to be a contributor to your team’s score if he does not even get the opportunity to showcase his talent. It’s best to stick to the top four batsmen from either team for best results.

Bonus Points

Online cricket fantasy apps give bonus points to players for their exemplary performance in the field not necessarily when they are bowling or batting only. There are points to be earned by players for making some catches, stumping by wicket keeper, good fielding resulting in a runout, it will be wise to keep your eyes open for such good performers and make them a part of your online cricket fantasy team.

Ungligames offers so many unique online cricket fantasy formats that make it the best app to play on and it gives you a great chance of winning big on consistent basis when you create your teams as per the pointer we have given you.

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