To grow any business whether it is small or big, it is very important to do good marketing of US business. For this, keep in mind that according to your business, there are marketing strategies from such angles, so that you can reach your business to as many people as possible. Now the point is, what are you doing in comparison to the rest of your competitors that will be ahead of your business of ethics and your customer list will increase. You can do good marketing of your pickle business by using the below-mentioned methods

Offline marketing

Give a sample of your pickles in small pouches as a free pickle recipe. The biggest hand in making the business of pickles successful is the recipe of pickles. So if you make the planets taste your pickles by giving them free samples, you will definitely eat pickles if they like it.

Use Newspapers and Pamphlets: Through newspapers and pamphlets, you can do good marketing of your new business in your local area.

Do packaging well: This is a good way to increase the sales of your business. If your packaging attracts people then they will buy your product. You have to write all the important things on your packing so that your customers can use your pickle safely and without any need.

Offers and Discount Days: Also you can market your company by providing any date offers like discounts, the festival offers, and buy one offer for retail shoppers and customers

Give away recipe booklets for free: With large retail orders like 5kg and 10kg pickle jars, you can also provide a simple recipe booklet. Do not reveal your special recipe, you have been able to give a simple and easy recipe booklet that anyone can use at their home.

Online marketing

Do marketing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc: Nowadays the whole era is settled on the Internet. We get every small and big news from the internet. In the bare face of your business, you can advertise on Facebook and on Instagram so that people know about it sitting at home naked. You do this by opening a Facebook page and an Instagram account and regularly updating about your ethics business on it. You can market your business to your friends, relationships, and acquaintances with WhatsApp.

Yellow Pages – The Yellow Pages is a directory containing the numbers and addresses of small to large businesses in every area of ​​your city. Click here to register for the Yellow Pages and learn more.

Register your business on Google MyBusiness and Justdial (link) and do not face any problem in contacting Taki Logon written about it. You can also increase the goodwill of your business by increasing your rating.

Pickle Business Opportunities:

Pickle business is Achar business that is a very low-cost business and is also a successful business idea with a lot of demand. That is why it would not be wrong to say that this business can be very beneficial for you in today’s era. Moreover, once you have opened a successful pickle business, you will not have to think much about future profits.

And once your business is running then you can convert it into chains or branches also in which you can open more manufacturing units or outlets in a different area in the name of USC business.

You can convert from a small-scale business to a medium or large-scale business. And by expanding your business from home, you can open a proper factory whose investment will be around Rs. 15 lakh to 25 lakh, this cost will also depend from region to region. To open this factory or outlet, you will need a large area i.e. 900 to 2500 square feet of the work area, automatic machine, packing machine, human labor (labour or manpower), for which loan was also taken from the government under StartupIndia. can go.

If you want to open this business on a large scale, then such legal nature will also increase, for which you can get more information by visiting the website of FSSAI. But this coming profit or profit will also increase equally.

Best Pickle Business Tips

Because this business is a food-related business, then you have to take special care of things.

No compromise on quality and quantity

We should maintain the taste of your pickles, there should not be any difference in quality and taste with time, we have to take special care of quantity also. Always the customer should get the right quantity at the right price.

Cleanliness (Cleanliness) is the right mantra

If all the things are made cleanly, then the planets will have trust in your conduct and they will eat the food, remember you, customers, we have to live with hygiene for a single sale. That is, we should keep a clean formula in the kitchen area and packing area.

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Packing and Presentation

If your packaging is beautiful and interesting, then people will be attracted to see it and will think of buying from it. That’s why we kept the presentation very good. Let us remember these packing tips:

Store pickles only in glass or earthen containers, do not use any other material that does not make the pickle last longer.

Before pouring pickle in any container, clean it well i.e. sterilize it and store the pickle in the container only after drying.

After cleaning the container, put asafetida in a bowl and burn it, and keep the container upside down till the asafetida smoke fills it. A layer is formed in this container so that the pickle does not spoil.

After making the pickle, cover it with a muslin cloth and keep it in the sun for 3-4 days, so that the name of the pickle comes out and it does not spoil for a long time.

On the packing of pickle, we mention the brand name, expiry date, manufacturing date, manufacturing address, ingredients, FSSAI number

Adding vinegar (vinegar) also increases the shelf life of pickles. 

Questions to ask

Why is FSSAI license needed?

This license is issued, taking care that there is no compromise on the safety of the customer.

Helps build customer confidence in the safety and quality of food.

Helps to get rid of different regulation.

It also helps to promote new food products.

What is the lowest price of a pickle packing machine?

If you are doing small scale pickle business then you don’t need a pickle machine just need pouch sealing machine-read power which will get up to 1000-5000 but if you want to do medium or large scale business then you need automatic packing A machine is needed, it will be found, which starts with 1 lakh.

How to pack pickles in containers and sterilize those containers?

Packing should always be kept clean, for impatient information, you can go to Best Tips of Pickle Business and use the given tips of packing and presentation.

Will the family be a student of license to open a pickle business?

To open a pickle business one has to go through other registration process and obtain other licenses like FSSAI license, GST number, shop and establishment registration, health business license. For detailed information on inn licenses, visit the Legal Procedures (Licenses) section.

From where to get pickle training or from where to find pickle making?

You can also learn pickle training from government institutes, skill development centers by going online.

After the pickle is prepared, at the time of packing, 1 liquid lentil is mixed in it, so that the pickle remains inoculated for a long time. What is the name of that liquid?

Vinegar is used to preserve pickles.

What needs to be done to preserve pickles?

Salt or vinegar act as natural preservatives for pickles. If you want, you can roast the masala separately before adding it to the pickle, after that keep it to dry in the sun so that it comes out well.

Where can I buy a packing machine?

If you are doing small scale pickle business then you don’t need pickle making machine, just need a pouch sealing machine which will be available for up to 1000-5000, you can order it online from amazon or your devil Keys can be taken from the market in bulk but if you want to do medium or large scale business then you will need automatic packing machine which starts from 1 lakh.