Powder coating; a process to coat surfaces like metal, plastic, glass and fiber to evenly spread a thermoset powder material that solidifies into layers later. This type of coating helps a plethora of materials that requires a smooth finishing and colour options. These powder coatings reach the difficult aereas that human hands or liquid sprays cannot reachout.

As it was introduced in the 1960’s the powder coating process has been used widely in a plethora of industries due to its durability and efficiency.

All of this process is carried out at a Powder Coating Plant that helps in a plethora of ways to all the plant requirements. This plant involves a three step basic process; Pre-treatment, Powder application and Curing. Industries who are in manufacturing, constructing, preservation of metals and furniture opts for this method as their first choice.

This all rounder coating can improve the appearance of metals and other materials while protecting them from rusting, denting and scratches.

Fundamentals of Powder Coating Plant:

The three fundamentals that a coating plants processes are elaborated below in details:

  1. Pre-treatment:
  2. Powder Application
  3. Curing

What is Powder Coating Plant Made of?

The Coating in a powder plants are made from resin based compounds that are a mix of colours, pigments, preservatives and other additives that increases the lifespan of the coatings. Later they are mixed well, melted and processed into a powder that looks like flour.

The powder coating is heated after the application on the metal surface that helps in intacting the coating with the surface with a better finish. 

Working Principles of a Powder Coating Plant:

Powder coating is based on the opposite attracting energies. The particles of the coating are negatively charged by passing them through a spraying gun. Thus creating an energy field the gun and the earthed particles that results in coating the product with the powdered mixture evenly.

Working of a Powder Coating Plant: 

  • It is combined with an electrostatic power to add up with a dry power source to get the desired result.
  • There are specific mixture components that are used to make the coating  powder; polymer resins, colours, preservatives, and agents that help level it all.
  • To create a fine powder for coating it needs to be melted first in a paste-like solution.
  • The coat is available in a plethora of hues and finishes. This allows you to choose the colours and combinations one would want to have. 
  • All of the Powder Coating Plant Suppliers in India provides protection from all kinds of corrosive reactions in spite of being inartistic.
  • All the powder plants are electrostatically charged through an ESD  (electrostatic spray deposition).
  • These electrostratisally charged particles are drawn to the metal piece that allows a smooth finished application of the coating on any material that has been sprayed.

Types of Powed Coating Plants:

There are two types of power coating plants that is available with us:

  1. Conveyorized Powder Coating Plant: These plants coat the surfaces regardless the size and volumes of the components.  The enormous facility of Jagdev and sons makes it possible to work on the big and small components of any given plant. The feeder unit and the electrostatic gun functions simultaneously to evenly spread the coating to every corner of the plant.
  2. Batch Type Powder Coating Plants: Utilised on all kinds of metals that helps remove bigger scaled rust and allows the all coatings to be used in an appropriate manner and amount. This coating provides multi cyclone recovery frameworks. That gives the coating recovery of over-splashed powder. The batch type coating makes sure there are no powder stream patterns on the surface . The ductless feature allows the cleaning process to be easy and faster. The batch type coating plants are available in two forms: manual and automatic.

An Environment Friendly Technique:

Wondering why a Powder Coating Plant can be an environmentally friendly option? Well, the answer to this is that the amount of powder that is used for coating is used upto 90 percent and it does not release harmful chemical compounds unlike wet paints that are released and are used in large amounts.

To add up to it provides a better finish than wet painting and also saves a lot more energy used to complete the work.

A Plethora of Finishes:

Powder coating has various finishes like matte finish, semi gloss finish, gloss finish that can be settled in two types flat and textured ones.  There are many different coloured powders that are available and can make your plants as per your choices.

Apart from the finishes it is also important to keep in mind the material and the area that is being coated as the internal and external areas of the plants have a slight difference of epoxy and polyester powders.


Choosing the top quality and latest technology plant coatings are necessary in the long run. If you happen to search for someone who can provide the best services in the coating business then BS Jagdev and sons are the right and perfect for all your needs. They are also known as the one of the prominent Powder Coating Plant Manufacturers in India. They use the latest and top notch technology to provide the most satisfying and long lasting results.