If you want to shop cheap then you should explore the market of Uttam Nagar West.

Often girls go to Sarojini Nagar Market to buy good clothes at cheap prices. But if we tell you that you will get trendy goods like Sarojini anywhere else? So you might not believe it. but it’s true. You must have heard the name of Uttam Nagar West of Delhi, you just have to go there. The Arya Samaj market here is a two copy of Sarojini. Here you will get everything from slippers to suits at a low price. And when you get tired of shopping then you will get everything to eat here too. Let us know from where you can shop cheaply.

Buy Suit

You will find all kinds of suits in Arya Samaj Market. The best part is that here you will get a complete set of suits for up to Rs.300. Now think well what will you get for so cheap. You will get all the variety of suits like Embroidery, Simple and Sharara in cheap and low price. So if you live near Uttam Nagar West, then definitely do shopping from this market once.


If you want to buy good and trendy jewelery at a low price, but you do not understand where to get it, then you must take a round of Arya Samaj Market. Here you will find all kinds of artificial jewelry. From earrings to necklaces, prices start at Rs.100 here.

Go Shopping For Sandals

It is very important to have good heels or sandals to complete any outfit. Here you will find the best collection of sandals. The best part is that the price of heels here starts from Rs.150 to Rs.500. Now think for yourself, where can you get such good goods cheaply? Otherwise, the next time you want to shop for anything, then just visit this market.

Cheap Makeup Accessories

In Arya Samaj Market you will find good accessories of makeup. Here you will find different varieties of nail paints to eyeliner. Along with this, good stuff of hair styling is also available here.