Best approaches to Advertise your TikTok brands:

TikTok is reasonably gaining its momentum in the social media world. As of now, the TikTok app has 1.5 billion downloads and grabs around 500 million active users every month. Moreover, Gen Z circles and advertisers are rising to create their advertising tricks.

TikTok app started several advertising features to support the brands to reach their audience on the network. Always don’t work with traditional advertisements and try to go for the new age of influencer marketing.

How do TikTok influencers create an impact?

Every brand makes use of the TikTok macro-influencers for their sponsor ads or challenges, the same as any other social media platform. You can create a fun, original, and relevant concept that makes your viewers feel amused by working with the influencers. Say, for instance, brands like Red Bull and Target started working with the TikTok influencers to make the sponsored videos.

For brands working with influencers is a new way but building an excellent sponsored content that remains the same:

Explore the influencers who have a more audience the same as yours or someone who is targeting as yours. As the brand will have enough chance of replicating as your brand.

Who targets TikTok brand advertising?

Fortunately, TikTok is the advertising solution for the brands, where the main target is the Gen Z audience. This advertising yields a lot of profitable investment for the audience. Morethan, 66% of TikTok users are under the age of 30 whereas 41% are between the age group of 16 to 24. Moreover, the TikTok videos that are trending are relevant to younger topics like high school, homework, and relationships.

Some of the popular brands target the audience in a customized way for the ads by group targeting. Make use of the customer’s contact information, website traffic, ad engagement, and app activity many more factors.

Different types of TikTok Ads:

Invest your brand in TikTok ads, where you can get the visibility among your audiences. TikTok considered being the uplifting factor for the brands and influencers. TikTok explained from the statistics that every TikTok user spends about 46 minutes per day on the platform.

TikTok offers four different forms of sponsored ads for your brands, by which most of the famous companies around the world started advertising. To support you navigate the TikTok advertising, let’s get deeper into the best practices.

A. Hashtag Challenge:

Hashtag challenge means creating user-generated videos to boost them viral, by uploading a video with extraordinary dance moves or challenge your viewers and motivate other users to take part in this.

Say, for instance, the Clean & Clear brand in India ran a hashtag challenge campaign to start with new limited-edition to teenage audiences. This hashtag challenge generated almost 2.62 million user-generated videos within 10,400 new fans for their brand on TikTok!

B. In-feed Native Video:

Native In-feed videos are within the user’s For You feed. The success of native ads is a combination of making up organic content. In-feed ads can drive traffic for the TikTok’s brands or to the external page link. TikTok leaves comments or likes to your organic post that enhances the engagement rate tremendously. For example, Maybelline recently ran in-feed TikTok ads to promote the launch of their Hyper Curl mascara. Just after a day, the ad massively got 48,700 likes and 709 shares, resulting in 80% of the increase in creating brand awareness and 47.97% of the improvements in the brand likeliness.

C. Brand Takeover:

The large-format ad that shows up when the TikTok users enter inside the app. Brand takeover takes over the ad’s screen entirely for a few seconds. This is perfectly suitable for the brands and product launches that help to drive brand reach.

It achieves the minimal reach for the day of your brand takeover, where it helps to force the users to outside links or to the native challenge page to increase the traffic of the challenge.

D. Branded Lenses:

In this type of ad format brands help to make the extended and customized original filter for the users to inbuilt into their content, same as Instagram and Snapchat. Every brand can build its original lenses and filters for TikTok. These lenses can stay up to 10 days. Also, more than 64% of the users have used branded lenses or filters of their choice.

Looking ahead about TikTok

Possibly, the essential aspect of TikTok is its audience. They’re mostly younger, who wants for the digital experience that maintains the genuineness, conceptual, and amusing. TikTok users are going deep into the head-first to leave their stamp harder in the real-time.

For now, advertising on TikTok for brands means work with several other methods like strengthening your TikTok likes to increase audience engagement using hashtags, challenges, advertising techniques, and campaigns.