If the taste of your food has deteriorated due to excessive salt, then do not worry, but try these easy ways and increase the taste of food.

Oh, how much salt is in the vegetable!

Hearing this from another’s mouth breaks the heart of the one who cooks the vegetable for hours.

You cook vegetables for hours, but your one mistake unknowingly spoils the whole taste of food. It is true that the taste of food is incomplete without salt, but excessive salt also spoils the taste of food completely. Many times while cooking vegetables, by mistake the salt gets sharp. In such a situation, it is not understood which method should be adopted so that salt can be reduced while maintaining the taste of the vegetable. If this ever happens to you too, then you do not need to worry because today we have brought some such tips for you by which you can overcome this problem. Let’s know what are these tips.

Wheat flour

You probably already know about this recipe. Yes, a small tablet of wheat flour can solve your problem. Whenever the salt becomes strong in the vegetable, make a small ball of flour and leave it in the vegetable for 10-15 minutes. Wheat flour has the ability to absorb the salt.

Vinegar and sugar

Vinegar is a very good remedy to remove salt from vegetables. For this, you mix one tablespoon sugar with 1 tablespoon in the gravy.


Potatoes can be used if there is more salt in vegetables or lentils. To reduce the taste of salt, put some pieces of potato in the vegetable. After keeping it for at least 20 minutes, remove the potato pieces from the gravy. If you want, you can also add mashed potatoes. The potato will absorb the salt and the taste of the food will become normal.


Peel and cut a raw onion and put it in the vegetable for a few minutes. After some time take it out and enjoy your tasty vegetable.


If you want, curd can also be used to reduce the salt in the vegetable. Add 2-3 spoons of curd to the vegetable, this will balance the salt and the taste of the vegetable will also increase.

Fresh cream

You can also add fresh cream to the gravy to reduce the salty taste. This will make your gravy creamy and balance the salt. Along with this, the creamy test will also come in the vegetable.

Tomatoes or other vegetables

Apart from this, you can also add finely chopped tomatoes or tomato puree to the vegetable. For this, you will have to cook the vegetable for a few minutes by adding tomatoes. This will make the gravy thicker and give you a better taste. Another way is to add more vegetables to your gravy and cook it well.

If you ever accidentally get salt in the vegetable by mistake, then try these tips.