Earn money sitting at home – 10 Ways to Make Money While Sitting at Home (earn money sitting at home 2023), how to earn money sitting at home from mobile in village, way to earn more money in less time-

During the Corona epidemic, where people have to stay at home, all the work, studies and many types of work are being done online while sitting at home. Looking at this online era, today we will know for you how to earn money sitting at home.

10 Ways to Make Money While Sitting at Home

If you also want to earn money sitting at home, then you can start earning your passive income by choosing according to your interest from the ideas given by us.

Do Blogging

Friends, if you also want to do blogging and want to earn money by blogging without any investment sitting at home, then you can start it easily from your phone itself.

To start blogging, you search blogger (Blogger.com) on the internet and go to blogger, from there you can start your blogging for free without any charge.

Before starting blogging, you should choose the topic or topic of your interest, according to which you can convey your knowledge to people through writing and make it a means of good work.

Create Youtube Channel

Friends, if you want to make some content or video of your own, then you can open a YouTube channel and fulfill your dream as well as earn well.

It is easy to upload videos on YouTube channel, but there is no possibility of views or traffic coming from it. If you really want to earn money by making channel on YouTube then find good quality content and edit it well and upload it so that people like your content and also get good response on your video.

You have to be patient for YouTube channel to grow, without patience you can never be successful on youtube. To earn money here first you must have 4000 hours of watch time with 1000 subscribers then only you can earn money from YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy, for this you have to choose an online platform, without this you cannot do affiliate marketing.

This is one of the best ways to work from home in which you can make more money than you think, just you need to have more traffic or your fan following.

To do Affiliate Marketing, there is a need to trust that product in the mind of your customers, only then the customer will trust that product and buy the product. Read more about affiliate marketing below.

Content Writing

In today’s time, the demand for content writers has increased a lot in the market, which you can take advantage of, it does not take much work from you, in simple words, it is hard work sitting at home without investment.

Content writer can start his own company if he wants to, in which he can work to fulfill the needs of the people, there are many categories including story writing, story writing and writing about one’s life etc. Can take a good price from the front.

Set Free

Friends, if you have any skill or you are expert in something, then you can do freelancing work from home. And you can also earn a lot, for this you do not even need to go out.

If you do not know about freelancing and search it online then you need to be careful because new people are also cheated through online. That’s why you do such a thing by looking online.

To do this, create a profile of yourself, describe the way you work better and show your experience.

Online Coaching Service

Ever since the lockdown has happened in our country till date and in the coming years also the dominance of online coaching will increase. In today’s time where people are doing all the work from studies to online work and work sitting at home.

If you are also fond of reading, then you can start online coaching, for this you must have internet facility, in which you can teach without any interruption and also make a different identity in the market.

Video Editing

If you want to work from home, then video editing work is a good option, in which you can earn money only by editing videos, if you want, you can do it on a big level too, there is a lot of demand for video editors in today’s time. Is.

Businessmen give up to lakhs of rupees for this type of work, you can start it as a freelance, then with time you can convert it into a big level by taking experience.


If you are thinking that Instagram gives you money, then it is wrong to think because Instagram does not give money to anyone, then how to earn money from Instagram – Nowadays the era of online social media is going on, one of which is Instagram.

Earning on Instagram depends on your followers, the more followers you have. Such big companies will come to you. These companies pay money to promote their products, if your followers are in lakhs, then you will get to earn more money, so people often focus on increasing their followers.

Captcha Code

Creating Captcha Code to earn money online is also a way through which you can earn sitting at home. In this, you can create Captcha code for any company online or you can start it as your own freelance.

Facebook Page

If you are thinking that money cannot be earned from Facebook then you are wrong, in this we will tell you how you can easily earn money from Facebook.

First of all, after creating a page or account by choosing a Niche or topic related to your interest, post in it continuously and tell more and more people about it. Due to which your page will start growing quickly. It also works like an Instagram page.

You can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing with Facebook account or you can earn by promoting the products of big companies through it.