You must have visited the famous places of Bihar many times but, do you know about these haunted places of Bihar?

In one of the largest states of India i.e. Bihar, there are many such best and beautiful places to visit where lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists come every year to visit. Especially due to being a Buddha city, people of Buddhism reach in large numbers to roam in Bihar. Every day tourists visit many places like Bodh Gaya, Vaishali, Patna, Nalanda, Rajgir to visit with family, friends, and partners. But, apart from all these places, there are some such places in Bihar, where except at night, no one dares to go even in the light of day. The story of these haunted places in Bihar is also very interesting, so let’s know about these haunted places.

Madhubani Pond

You must know that Madhubani’s paintings are very famous not only in the country but also abroad. There is a village in this city where every resident is an artisan of Madhubani painting. But, there is such a place in this city where no one is afraid to go near this place as soon as it is evening. Yes, the name of that place is ‘Talab of Madhubani’. Local people believe that a boat full of passengers suddenly sank in this pond and about 50 people lost their lives. After this incident, no one boats in this pond.

Patna-Aurangabad Road

The road connecting Patna and Aurangabad is also included in the most haunted places of Bihar. There have been many such mysterious accidents on this road, after which even today no one dares to go alone after evening. If people are to be believed, they say that there is a wandering soul on this road and during the night, the soul wearing white clothes asks for a lift from the people. Sometimes it is visible from afar and when it is near, the soul also disappears.

Siwan’s Cemetery

Siwan city of Bihar is very important from the historical point of view, so people from far and wide come to visit this city. But, no one goes around a cemetery present in this city in the evening. This graveyard of Siwan is famous for its many untold stories. Here people hear strange sounds. Apart from this, local people believe that many ghosts have been seen roaming in this cemetery.

Patna’s Bhoot Bungalow

There are many such ancient and historical bungalows in the capital Patna which have turned into ruins today. But, a bungalow present in Lohia Nagar of Patna is famous for strange incidents. According to the people, this bungalow was haunted by a ghost and the people living in this house had also seen it many times. When a Tantrik said that this house was possessed by an evil spirit, the people living in this house left it.

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