In this piece of article, we’ll discuss some of the best IAS coachings. Finding the most promising institutes having high standards and quality has always been a major problem faced by IAS aspirants.

As we all know, IAS exams are one of the most prestigious exams in the nation. Hence, more and more aspirants from various streams like Arts, commerce, science, etc., are aspiring to join the civil services.

This determination and enthusiasm among the students towards civil services is the key reason for this increasing competition and intense atmosphere of IAS examinations. So, let’s see some of the best IAS coaching institutes that make aspirants tolerant of appearing for this highly competitive examination.

1.The Thought Tree (T3)

The Thought Tree, most commonly known as T3, is well known for its standards and world-class teaching faculties. But, well, they are not only focused on academics. Personality development of aspirants, teaching practicalities and ground realities of society to the aspirants are some key characteristics of this phenomenal institute, making it unique and quite distinct from other coaching institutes.

Let’s see some more facilities offered by The Thought Tree (T3)

  1. Teaching Faculties

As I said earlier, teaching faculties are top-level, driven by experience in various subjects, and highly knowledgeable. The best part is that the teaching faculty also includes ex-government officials having vast experience in their service field.

This can turn out to be a plus point while preparing for the exams. The teachers here guide and help the students in every step of preparation.

  1. Scholarship Programmes

T3 provides scholarships to their students and supports EWS. As a result, T3 has helped many students pursue their dream of becoming civil officers.

The scholarship offerings are based on a test held frequently, concessions in fees are provided according to the scores in the test. Top scorers are awarded high concessions in fees.

  1. Library

The library is also world-class, encompassing books on various subjects and genres. Students can easily access these books and even take them home on loan or read them while having a peaceful cup of coffee in the office.

  1. Study Material and Mock Tests

The study material is of good quality, which provides precise portions of information to the reader. In addition, the study material efficiently covers the entire syllabus.

Mock tests are held regularly to improve student’s weak areas of the syllabus. So that they can learn from their mistakes and improve them well in advance.

  1. Writing Practice for the Mains Examination

The Thought Tree also makes sure that the students cope with the time given to write the mains paper as we all know the mains examination is very lengthy.

Students must increase their writing speed to complete their papers well in advance without any errors.

These were some of the best features offered by The Thought Tree, which makes T3 the best IAS coaching in Jaipur. To know more about T3, you can contact then on


Phone Number: +91 9999090136


Address: Plot no.3 Chandra Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin Code -302019

2. Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy is one of the oldest IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur. This is also a good choice for aspirants as they are feasible in providing education to various students for IAS and other Civil services entrance exams.

Chanakya Academy provides many facilities to its students. Let’s see them one by one.

  1. Teaching Faculties

The teaching faculties are well experienced and trained. They ensure that students are also picking up the fundamentals of life. Chanakya academy offers IAS courses in Hindi and English languages.

  1. Library Facilities

The library is decent and equipped with books on almost all genres. Students can carry these books to their homes so that they can comfortably read them.

  1. Batch Size

The batch encompasses around 60 students. This batch strength is enough for students to understand concepts and topics quickly and provides a competitive environment among the students to understand the toughness of IAS exams.

3.Astitva IAS Academy

Astitva academy is well known for training its students in all three conducts of the IAS examination. Hence, Astitva academy attracts many aspirants from around Jaipur and other regions outside Jaipur.

The main motive of Astitva IAS Academy is to provide quality education to IAS aspirants at a low price.

  1. Teaching Faculties

The teaching faculty is reliable and good with fair experience under their belt; the teaching faculties here are very kind and help students solve problems.

  1. Study Material

The study material is fantastic and full of information. These modules or study material provide precise information on the entire IAS exam syllabus.

  1. Batch Size

The batch size is small; this institute believes in having a small batch size to understand concepts and theories taught by the teaching faculties easily.

4.Motive Academy

Motive Academy always finds a spot in the list of best IAS coachings in Jaipur. This is because they have some highly experienced teaching faculties and well-written study material easy to understand.

Many IAS toppers have already been a part of this institute; the best thing about the Motive academy is guiding their students towards excellence.

5. Zenith Point

Zenith Point is one of the oldest institutes that train aspirants to crack the IAS exams. Students have achieved greater heights by joining this institute as this institute helps students increase their efficiency and work off-limits.

Zenith motivates its students to work hard and respect their enthusiasm and determination towards civil services.

  1. Modern-day Facilities

Zenith Academy is well equipped with the modern technology of teaching like live sessions, recorded video lectures, and an official YouTube channel.

  1. Study Material

Study material is also a key factor behind Zenith’s success. The study material is precisely written, which is easy to understand.

  1. Test and Assessments

Tests are held regularly, and the result is declared either on the same day of the test or the following day. The papers are set according to the rigors and standards of IAS exams.


In this article, I’ve revealed some of the best IAS coachings that an aspirant must join to fulfill their ambition of becoming an IAS officer thoroughly.

I’ve highlighted all the five coaching institutes so that aspirants do not face difficulties searching for the best IAS coaching institutes.

I hope you found this article informative enough to wrap all your queries and concerns.

Author Bio:

Hey there, my name is Ajay Sharma, and I am a RAS aspirant plus a writer by profession.

I started my preparation for the RAS exams last year. In the beginning, I faced a lot of criticism because I had never got more than 70% in the school and the college. This never demotivated me but proved the main reason to start preparing with full enthusiasm to crack the exam and prove everyone wrong.

Now I am well prepared with the syllabus of the RAS exam and will hopefully crack the paper in my first attempt. What I am doing now is following my second passion of writing. This gives me immense pleasure to share my knowledge about the RAS exam and tips, strategies, plans, dos and don’ts for clearing the exam.

Today there is a high fee for joining any institute, and everyone couldn’t afford that. Keeping that in mind, I am trying to give complete guidance related to study material and study pattern so that there is no excuse for any aspirant.

I was lucky to meet a RAS officer, and that moment changed my life forever. The things he told me couldn’t be found in books, coaching, or anywhere.

I discuss those things in my articles. This will help every aspirant for not only RAS but also for other highly competitive exams.

I try to write in such a way that my article solves the doubts of the RAS aspirants, and when they get help in their success path, my motive of writing gets fulfilled.