If you are applying for a work visa (UK) then it is important to have a sponsorship first. The employer you are going to work with must be a sponsor licence holder and assign you a certificate of sponsorship (CoS). But this alone does not guarantee that you will clear immigration checks or you will be easily granted entry clearance for worker visa UK.

Any candidate applying for a worker visa from outside the UK must obtain entry clearance for that visa route. If you try to enter the UK border without the permission of the Home Office then your visa will get refused.

Switching to a different visa while you are in the UK

The UK immigration rules allow you to switch to a worker visa while you may be legally working or living in the UK on a separate visa.

However, this does not mean that you have the liberty to switch from any visa.

You can switch to a worker visa UK from the following visas.

  1. Short-term Student visa
  2. Seasonal Worker
  3. Visitor visa with some exceptions on sportsperson visa
  4. Parent of a Child Student visa
  5. Domestic Worker visa for working in a Private Household
  6. Any other visa outside the Immigration Rules

You should also meet the requirements of the worker visa route. Furthermore, it must be kept in mind that it is difficult to switch from one temporary worker visa to another unless it is Government authorized.

It could also happen that the applicant is on a different visa and wants to switch to a worker visa but their visa does not allow them to switch to a worker visa category. In such a case the applicant will have to leave the UK and then apply for entry clearance for the worker visa UK.

Financial requirement

Another important immigration requirement is for you to meet the financial requirements.

While applying for a worker visa, you must have sufficient finances to sustain yourself in the UK along with your dependents.

You must have at least £1270 in your bank account when you reach the UK. You cannot claim UK public funds.

Additionally, if the employer wishes to maintain and accommodate your dependents in the first month of the job then they would be required to pay;

  • £285 for you dependent spouse/partner
  • £315 for your first dependent child, if any
  • £200 for every other child after the first one

English Language skills requirement

Whether you apply for a Skilled Worker visa, T2 Minister of Religion visa, International Sportsperson visa, for entry clearance or permission to stay for longer than 12 months you need to demonstrate that you have the required English language skills to work on one of these visas in the UK.

You should demonstrate at least B1 level of proficiency for a skilled worker visa.

B2 level of English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening for T2 Minister of Religion visa. A1 level in reading and listening for a Sportsperson visa.

Age requirement

For you to get work sponsorship in the UK, your minimum age must be 18 years or above at the time of entry clearance application. For sportspersons visa, your age can be 16 years as on the date of entry clearance application.

For T2 Ministry of Religion visa if you are aged 16 years after 6 October 2021 then your application would be accepted.

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Once visa decision is made

Once you have been granted a visa, you would be receiving a biometric residence permit and e-visa both as a proof of your status.

You will receive a vignette or a sticker on your passport. This allows you to gain entry to the UK. The duration of this entry clearance would be upto 6 months only.

On the off chance that you were rejected a visa, the Home Office will convey the same through a letter. Based on the reasons for refusal, you may appeal for administrative review.

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