Are you planning to travel while with your favorite bottles of wine? Well, with the right tips and tricks to pack them inside your luggage, you can enjoy carrying the bottles around without having to worry about spills or damages.

Here are the top five ways to carry wine in your luggage efficiently. 

1. Choose The Right Type Of Luggage

Most travelers avoid using hard-side suitcases as they believe they add too much weight to the luggage. But hard-side suitcases are the best protection for sensitive items such as wine bottles. While traditional luggage bags are prone to dents and damages, hard suitcases can maintain structural integrity even under pressure. They can absorb big bumps and hits without transferring too much intensity of the movement to the package inside.

Make sure to mark the luggage fragile while reporting at the drop off the desk. The stickers indicate that the baggage contains sensitive items and should be handled with care.

Choose-The-Right-Type-Of-Luggage Top 5 Tips To Carry A Wine Bottle In Suitcase

If you love to travel with wine regularly, investing in a wine suitcase can be a good idea. The detailed compartments inside the briefcase are ideal for packing two or three bottles efficiently. They have a proper protection layer with thick padding for the bottles to stay intact while traveling. If you feel like you can spare another bag within the baggage allowance and enjoy carrying multiple bottles of your favorite Moscato, this is an effective packing solution.

2. Consider Packing Cubes Or Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an inexpensive solution to pack fragile items as it can absorb shock from the movement.  Covering your bottle with a thick layer of bubble wrap can be an efficient way to carry it safely. Buy a roll of bubble wrap and cover the bottle in several layers. Place a few layers of bubble wrap in the luggage below the bottle for an extra layer of protection. Avoid packing multiple bottles together. Wrap each bottle separately with layers of bubble wrap to avoid any damage.

Another alternative to safely carrying your wine bottle is to use packing cubes. Compression packing cubes help pack contents safely and keep them from moving around inside your luggage. While they work like a charm for your clothes and other items, they are also a good choice for packing wine bottles. Explore the market to identify good quality compression cubes that can make your travel with wine safe and hassle-free.

3. Try Wine Sleeves Or Totes

Wine travel bags are also useful as they are specifically designed to carry your bottles while traveling. Wine bags, sleeves, and totes are a subtle, stylish, and elegant way to pack your bottle tight and avoid bumps and movements.

Many of them are reusable and come with thick padding to protect the contents. It can be useful to travel with your favorite drink in style.

4. Sandwich Between Your Clothes

Packing a bottle in a suitcase means your need to keep all items as close as possible. It keeps the bottle in place and stops it from moving, thus reducing the chances of any damage. Create a protective layer around the bottle to eliminate space for movement.

Sandwich-Between-Your-Clothes- Top 5 Tips To Carry A Wine Bottle In Suitcase

Start by placing shoes, socks, undergarments, or hats around the edge where you will zip the suitcase. The edges are the weakest part of your luggage, and placing items that can absorb shock from the movement will enable you to protect the bottle.

Now create a sandwich with your clothes to place the bottle in between safely. To do so, separate thick and thin items. Place dense materials such as jeans, towels, coats to form a firm and thick layer below. Now place the wine bottle in the center of the luggage. Top it with several layers of light clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, dresses to finish. Make sure to add some of these pieces between the bottles to keep them from touching each other.

For extra protection, you can either wrap the bottle in a thick material such as a towel or coat or place it in a plastic bag to ensure any mishaps don’t end up costing your travel wardrobe.

5. Use A Wine Shipper Box

If you have purchased from a winery or wine shop, you might have received the bottles in a cardboard box with styrofoam molds. The molds are appropriate to hold multiple bottles without touching each other. They also come with thick layers of packaging material that protect the contents from external shocks, such as bumps.

Instead of placing the bottles inside your suitcase, pack them separately in the cardboard box and check-in with your luggage.  With the bottles packed safely inside, you can stop feeling nervous about traveling with your wine.

Apart from these fantastic ideas that can help you pack your wine bottles safely in your luggage, you can also consider shipping your wine directly to the destination or use a professional shipping service.

Most popular wineries worldwide are acquainted with shipping large orders nationally and internationally. They typically use specialized services that have experience in transporting bottles of wines or other spirits. These services are the right choice for traveling with several bottles of wine.


While the services are prone to be slightly expensive, they are professionally equipped to safely transport your burgundy drinks to any part of the world. Try to get in touch with the winery owner and enquire about their preferred service provider.

You can contact the company to understand the minimum order quantity and total shipping capacity. Try these simple tips and tricks to enjoy your favorite wine wherever you go.