Assignment! It is a word that threatens every student and they always try to get rid of it. Students have a lot of burden on them regarding studies, and at that time when they are asked to write an assignment, they get frustrated.

No matter if you are at the school level or are studying in university, you can get a task that is tricky to handle.

Let’s say your class is asked to gather ideas on a topic that is new for everyone. You may find it hard to get information on that specific issue. Also copying the assignments of other fellows is prohibited. So, what will you do here?

Get help from an online tool and rephrase the content. Similarly, check all the content, in the end, using a plagiarism checker and remove the lines that are being plagiarized.

To remove the grammatical issues from the content, you will go for a grammar checker, and to combine all your PDF files you need a combiner that can merge the documents.

Top Tools for Writing Assignments

If someone asks you to give quick results and increase work productivity, he will ask you to prefer smart work over hard work. It is the key to getting better results. 

Similarly, for the students who are looking to complete the tasks quickly without making too many efforts, the writing tools can be quite handy for them.

In this article, we will discuss some amazing writing tools that can be helpful in this regard. Let’s start.

  • Online Text Editor

Well, the time is gone when students used to write the assignment on a paper and submit it to the teacher by hand. It used to take a lot of time to do research on topics and then pen down the main ideas.

To make it easy and increase the workflow, technology has brought a big relief for everyone. Instead of using paid software, students can go for free online text editors and complete the assignments quickly.

Using the computer software is not a bad option but it requires proper installment and some of them demand a paid subscription to avail of all the features.

So, here the online tools can be a better option than not only providing the ease to use them for free but also can be used without downloading.

You just need to type the text editing tool on the search engine and there you will get a list of top online text editors where you can start typing and writing the assignments.

The best thing about these tools is that they provide you with all the features like bold the text, making it italic, or underlining the text.

  • Paraphrasing Tools

Sometimes a student doesn’t have enough time to read the article or get ideas about it. So, what would he do here? Also, copying the content of other fellows is not allowed so will he leave the assignment?

image Top 5 Tools to Help You Submitting University Assignments

No! Paraphrasing tools are here to help him. These tools are quite helpful in renewing the old assignment and giving it a new structure.

One doesn’t need to write his assignment from scratch. Just get the assignment of a friend and upload it in the paraphrasing tool.

Most of the paraphrases are free to use and have a huge synonym database. When a user uploads the content here, it reads the content deeply and looks for the intent.

It changes the words with their synonyms and gives that assignment a new look that doesn’t match the original one.

  • Plagiarism Checker

While using the ideas of other fellows there are quite high chances that you may use some lines that are already written by another student.

If your teacher catches such a mistake, you may be penalized for your actions. So, you must remove the lines that are matching with any other task. 

For a student, it can be a little difficult to match every single line and highlight the text that is matching with other sources. It may take a lot of time.

To make your assignment unique and avoid plagiarism consequences, it is necessary to get help from an online plagiarism checker.

These tools match every single line on the search engine and highlight the lines that are taken from other sources.

Users can later remove the highlighted lines from the article or rewrite them to give it a unique look. Thus, the tool can be quite handy in improving your grades.

  • Grammar Checker

Spending time on writing the assignment and ending up getting low grades due to grammar issues is never acceptable for a student.

There are many cases where we witness this issue. A student spends nights completing the task and gets low grades due to grammatical errors. Although it may look like a minor issue but actually plays a vital role in your grading.

While writing in a flow, we make multiple mistakes that can decrease the fluency of text and make it difficult to read and understand.

To remove this issue and make the content error-free, users can get help from a grammar checker. These tools check the fluency of text and look for the issues that are disturbing the fluency of text.

Users can update those words and lines in the article and get a better version of the text that is easier to understand.

  • PDF Merger

Once you have completed the assignment, the next step is to submit the assignment. And PDF is always the preferred format in which you have to submit the assignment. But what if you have multiple PDF documents to submit? Will you submit them separately?

No! It will give an unprofessional look to the documents because your teacher will not open every file and give your grade.

So, you have to gather all the pages and put them in a single document file. But wait a minute! PDF files are not editable. How will you collect the files?

Here you can get help from an online PDF merger and upload your files to it. It will combine all the pages and make it a single document.

The process is quite simple. Just look for the best PDF merge tool and upload your files to it. After that click on the merge button and it will combine all the files there.

Students can keep all the files in a single document and submit it to the teacher. It will also be easy for the teacher to check your work.

Users can directly upload PDF files on the tool by clicking on the “choose” button. This tool is quite easy to use and can increase the workflow which directly leads to improved the productivity.

The best thing about PDF merger is that it can combine multiple files at a time. You will not be restricted to upload limited files at one time. Moreover, it keeps the data of users safe.

Bottom Lines

To complete the assignments quickly and gather them in one place, you can get help from online writing tools.

Users can get error-free content by using these tools and also get rid of extra efforts. These online tools will help you cover the topic in an easy and better way.