Having an ambition of becoming a doctor sometimes creates difficulties for Indian students as the fee structure is too high for reputed colleges.

Still, many colleges in top countries provide better education at a meager cost.

Which country are you dreaming to go for MBBS at a low cost? Have you planned something for this?

Ok, don’t worry, we are here to help you, and concerning your dilemma, we have gathered the information for MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost. Here is the list of the top 6 countries you should go for-


For Indians, China is among the most popular places to study MBBS. MCI has authorized roughly 45 medical institutes in China. In addition, Chinese institutions offer higher qualifications.

However, China is the topmost priority of people to learn medical there because of having low cost. The cost of studying MBBS in China is 20 to 35 lakhs in Indian currency.

Here is the list of top colleges in China to study MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost –

  • Ningbo University
  • Jiangsu University
  • Wuhan University
  • Southeast University


The Philippines is an excellent place to study MBBS. The total cost of the course is 25% cheaper than it would be in India.

Intonation is the most significant benefit of the Philippines ‘ educational system. The Philippines uses an American accent, making it easier for pupils to grasp the material and pass their tests. Here are the top three colleges in the Philippines-

  • University of Philippines
  • Cebu Institute of Medicine
  • University of Northern Philippines


Nepal is popular with Indians located close to India because of its lovely climate. Therefore, the Visa procedure in Nepal is now the most valuable aspect of studying there.

The visa application procedures are speedier and easier since both nations have shared interests and lower living expenses. Top colleges of Nepal have a fee from 30 to 45 lakhs –

  • National Medical College
  • Nepal Medical College
  • Janaki Medical College


Caribbean educational institutions are noted for providing high-quality instruction, and accommodation is essential to enlighten and train a new generation of world-class doctors.

Moreover, doing MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost prefer the Caribbean as it is from 80 lakhs to 1.5 Crores in these colleges-

  • American University of Antigua
  • American University of the Caribbean
  • Saba University


Ukraine possesses state-of-the-art disease-treatment technology. It features some of the most excellent medical schools at a low cost. Foreign organizations have recognized Ukraine’s universities.

The colleges of Ukraine provide education of MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost, which is 20 to 38 lakhs-

  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical University
  • Donetsk State Medical University


Kyrgyzstan is a country where you may finish your medical education for between 12 and 18 lakhs.

It would be the most cost-effective location for medical studies. The institutions deliver the higher qualification in a well-equipped environment.

The top colleges of Kyrgyzstan for medical study are-

  • Jalalabad Medical University
  • Asian Medical Institute
  • Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

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