Lemongrass aroma is certainly one of a kind, something your senses will remember once you encounter it. Lemongrass is also known as Cymbopogon and is a member of the Poaceae family (the same as Citronella). The delightful lemon-like aroma may be obtained by crushing the leaves of this plant in your hands. Lemongrass Oil is produced by steam distilling these leaves.

Lemongrass Essential oil is used in Ayurveda as a stimulant that improves both the body and the intellect. With several advantages ranging from headache relief to encouraging hair growth and enhancing skin texture, the oil’s importance has expanded beyond aromatherapy. However, it is still best known for its citrus scent.

Know More About Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass/Cymbopogon belongs to a grass family that includes roughly 55 additional grass species. These plants are native to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia, and are often collected using sharp instruments to cut them precisely. Because the leaves contain valuable Lemongrass oil, proper care is required to keep them from breaking. The oil is extracted afterward by steam distilling the leaves.

Terpenes, ketones, alcohol, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds are among the components identified in this oil. These all relate to the oil’s plethora of advantages.

Lemongrass has also been dubbed “fever grass” due to its remarkable capacity to efficiently relieve fever and a variety of other diseases. This oil has antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant components, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking perfect skin and thick, healthy hair.

Benefits of Using Lemongrass Oil

Did you know that incorporating Lemongrass essential oil into your daily routine can benefit your skin, hair, and overall health? Let’s take a look at some of the oil’s most popular applications and benefits.

Removes Dandruff

Dandruff is an extremely frequent scalp irritation. The key to strong and thick hair development is a flake-free scalp and well-nourished hair follicles. Applying 2-3 drops of Lemongrass essential oil to your hair oil and rubbing it into your scalp effectively eliminates dandruff-causing bacteria. A 2015 study concluded that Lemongrass oil significantly reduces dandruff in a week.

Used for Fungal Infections

Lemongrass essential oil has powerful antifungal effects. This inhibits the spread of fungal diseases in the body. It is especially said to battle candida species growth on the skin, nails, and hair. When used topically, it prevents the onset and growth of any yeast-based illness.

Helps Reduce Anxiety

The perfume of Lemongrass essential oil is both relaxing and comforting. When inhaled through a diffuser or vaporizer, the oil can naturally alleviate stress and anxiety. As a result, it can even lower a person’s blood pressure. A 2015 study concluded that massaging lemongrass essential oil with sweet almond oil can lower diastolic blood pressure.

Helps Reduce Stress

Again, because stress and anxiety are major causes of an increase in blood pressure, this oil is known to lower it and so relieve stress. Even rubbing this oil into the scalp is useful since the scent is relaxing.

Eugenol, a component found in lemongrass, exhibits effects comparable to those of aspirin. Eugenol stimulates the release of serotonin even more. The serotonin hormone regulates sleep, appetite, and other cognitive processes.

Reduce Pain and Muscle Cramps

Lemongrass essential oil contains Citral, which is believed to relieve pain and cramping produced by inflammation. This oil is frequently used as a home therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, and it is administered to the affected region for pain alleviation. According to one research, pain levels might be significantly reduced after 30 days of using this oil daily.

Antiseptic and Astringent Properties

This oil’s antibacterial characteristics make it useful for mending bruises and minor wounds. It cleans and disinfects the wound while also promoting healing. It is also said to be a natural astringent, allowing for skin tone, a natural glow, and skin structure strengthening all at the same time.

Eliminates Digestive Disorders

Lemongrass is another traditional folk treatment that helps people avoid stomach discomfort and gastric ulcers. To back this up, a 2012 research found that utilizing lemongrass essential oil reduced stomach ulcers in mice. This oil is also proven to relieve diarrhea, calming the digestive tract. This oil’s scent may also help relieve nausea and other associated ailments.

Regulates the Blood Sugar Level 

Though further study is needed, many people effectively use this oil to cure or prevent diabetes. A study done in 2007 found that giving lemongrass essential oil lowered fasting glucose levels; nevertheless, more research is needed. It’s worth noting once more that not all Lemongrass oils are safe to consume.

How to Use a Lemongrass Oil?

The oil may be used for a variety of reasons, including aromatherapy and topical treatments such as itching relief and sunburn relief. Apply two drops of the solution to the skin and massage it in. Use aromatherapy before bed by putting a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and setting it near your pillow or in an oil diffuser. A potent cleaning solution may be made by combining five or six drops of lemongrass essential oil in a cup of water and swishing for 15 minutes.

Following that, you should rinse it with water. Massage coconut and oil into your scalp if you have dandruff. Add three tablespoons of honey to the mixture and whisk to incorporate. Allow resting for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. The potential advantages of lemongrass oil as a topical therapy for bug bites and acne are worth investigating. Rub one teaspoon into the skin surrounding the acne twice a day, morning and night.

Lemongrass essential oil has antibacterial properties that can help clean up infections, but it can burn like hell if applied to damaged skin. Lemongrass essential oil has a pleasant aroma and may provide health advantages such as antibacterial and antifungal qualities, stress management, and pain reduction. However, further study is required to determine whether the proposed bonuses are genuine.

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