Indian e-commerce sector is one of the eight largest hubs now in the world.

The revenue of the Indian e-commerce market reached US$85.4 billion in 2021. With an increase of 32%, Indian e-commerce contributed to 18% of worldwide trade.

Gradually, this number is increasing year by year. Over the years many e-commerce start-ups takes place and failed.

While there are several other companies that achieved remarkable success in a short period of time and started the unicorn start-ups wave in India.

But when did this e-commerce wave start at? Let’s go behind the story scene and understand.

When did e-commerce start in India?

It all began in the back 1982 when the internet was introduced in India and just like the dot com wave the e-commerce wave was rooming around the nation.

Earlier, everyone was scared of the security concern but later on, the companies started e-commerce businesses.

The first e-commerce company was founded by K. Vaitheeswaran in 1999, widely hailed as the ‘father of e-commerce in India.

Top e-commerce brands in India

In India, every eCommerce website are struggling to sustain and scale their business.

So, let’s understand how this top brands become leading eCommerce companies in India.

#1 Amazon e-commerce India

You all are aware about Amazon which is not only a leading brand in India. But also dominating world eCommerce market. Amazon initially started its business from book selling in the United States.

Gradually, it dominated the market by focusing on the business strategy which are important in an e-commerce business that includes logistics facilities, improving web services, and R&D activities. In logistics.

However, Amazon India started back in 2010, where there are no leading eCommerce brands present in India. As a result, Amazon captured the maximum market share.

#2 Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon. Flipkart builds its eCommerce business in 2007. Initially, it was a privately regulated platform that was specialize in online retail, fashion eCommerce, and mobile brands.

A few years back in 2018, after becoming the second largest eCommerce brand in India, Walmart acquire Flipkart in 16 billion dollars and take over the maximum equity share in the company.

However, Flipkart is known for its big billion days, during that season it offers a  wide range of categories with discounts.

#3 Myntra

Myntra is among the popular fashion brands in India for women, men and kids.

Myntra started its journey back in 2007 with personalized gift items. Its headquarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Furthermore, it had added more than 350+ foregin and Indian fashion brands in its platform in 2012. And later on, it was acquired by Flipkart in 2014.

#4 India mart

India mart allows manufacturers, suppliers, customer, and exporter to facilitated business to business(B2B) and busines to customer(B2C).

It offer different range of products to be list in their platform which includes beauty products, fashion products, mobile accessories, fertilizers, light, and industrial chemicals.

Over the duration of 26 years from the foundation, India mart captured around 60% market share of the business to business according to corporate IndiaMART.

#5 Snapdeal

Snapdeal is focused on the life’s necessity products which includes electronics, clothing and other basic products. However, it is known for the increadbile bargain offers which attracts Indian consumers.

As Indian consumers are mainly focused on the price factors and Snapdeal catch up the that and utilize it in their business startegy. That is why Snapdeal is used in more than 3700+ towns across India.

#6 Firstcry

In India young population is more than the rest of the world. As a result, fashion business for all kid, men, and women have a huge market size in India.

While, in men’s and women’s eCommerce brands like Flipkart, Myntra are popular brands in that category. But, when it comes to kids’ brands Firstcry is the leading brand in it.

It is Aisa’s most eye-catinching brand for babies with over 400 locations in India which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and other major cities. In addition, more than 5000+ manufacturers are listed in it.

#7 Nykaa

The cosmetics and beauty item industry has also a good potential market size in India. Looking at the opportunity, Nykaa entered into the market in 2012 with the help of  Falguni Nayar who is an entrepuruner.

Gradually, Nykaa become the unicorn start-ups and recently in 2021 Nykaa listed publicaly. Meanwhile the company has setup more than 76 brick and mortar stores across India with over 300000+ products from both national and international brands.

#8 Meesho

Meesho is India’s biggest reslling ecommerce company where seller and buyers come together and perform their activities freely. Here, the company promotes small seller by enhancing them and allowing them to sell their products in their platform without any charges.

Whereas, other similar eCommerce brands like Amazon and Flipkart charges to be list in the paltforms. However, building up a reselling service is tough for Meesho in the initial days.

But according to Meesho, the company have over 68 million product listed across 30 categories and they generate money through monetization construct which is sellers ads.

#9 Bookmyshow

India has big population around the world, were people invest more in entertainment industries. That’s makes India a huge market potential for all category. And every brands want to build out their brands in india.

And Bookmyshow is one of them who is trageting entertainment industry which offers various online booking services for movies, entertainment shows and sports. It is a platform were customers can book their ticket in just few taps.

However, Bookmy also selling fan merchandise and has created subsidiary companies in Indonesia, UAE, Sri Lanka, and the West indies.

#10 Make my trip

Make my trip travel eCommerce company which is similar to Bookmyshow in terms of services but the industry is different and other factors also. Make my trip offers online booking experience for booking hotels, flights, restaurants, and so on using one single app of it.

Currently, the company operate in different countries like India, the United States, and UAE, and serving more than 5 million+ customer. 

Final words

Although, There are many other small brands as well who are coming out from the niche makret and making remarkable position in the big market.

But are still lacking to building up big brands due to several factors.

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