With the ever-evolving technological advances witnessed in the digital world of business, it is important to adopt new trends and meet increasing customer demands. Web development trends change from time to time, which is why it is vital to keep updated with the latest trends to sustain growing competition. Businesses that fail to adopt new technologies fail to get the attention of the users & gain a competitive advantage. With the start of 2021, many organizations are looking for the latest trends to build robust websites that look good and perform well too. In this article, we will discuss what every Web Development Company California needs to know related to the latest website development trends for 2021 and beyond.

Below are some of the best trends in the field of website development that every business owner must be aware of-

  • Dark Mode

One of the latest development trends of 2021 you must keep an eye on is the adoption of dark or night mode, which is used to make websites look ultra-modern by making colors and design pop. The best thing to choose dark mode is its classy and sleek appearance with reduced strain on the eyes. Dark UIs are considered to be the best if they are executed properly considering contrast & readability. There is a gradual increase in the adoption of websites with dark themes as they are preferred to be a great option for OLED screens with benefits like more power saving & less harm to customers’ eyes.

  • Voice Search

With the increasing adoption of virtual personal assistants, more and more people are relying on voice search rather than typing the whole sentence for any information they need. All they need to do is pick up their smartphones and give a voice command to get access to any services or information. This is the best option as customers today are always in rush & have no time considering the hectic life schedule they have. If you are planning to build a website in 2021, adding the voice search functionality is a must. The trend of voice search optimization is more likely to become more successful in the coming years.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the best things in the web development world having the great side of both web and mobile apps. It is a type of web app having advanced web capabilities to provide an app-like experience. PWA gives the feel & look of a native mobile app with features such as responsiveness, offline connectivity, app-like experience, push notifications & many more.  It is becoming the hottest trend in website development due to its capability to make the website browsing experience smoother& closer to native mobile apps, making it more mobile-friendly to users. If your business is facing issues with low mobile conversion, it’s time to build PWA by hiring experts of the reliable Progressive Web App Development Company to make your business thrive again.

  • Mobile-Friendly Designs

Another trend that we cannot ignore is mobile-friendly designs as Google has been ranking only the websites using mobile-first indexing for a long time. Most of the B2B websites prefer rich content, video, and multimedia replacing the traditional media formats that would take huge space and loading time. As customers want quick and easy access, using SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) in website development is helping in scaling up or down considering the requirements.  The study says more than 80% of B2B buyers use their smartphones to make their purchase and SVGs provide the best way with more consistency to users improving their Google ranking.

  • Go for Minimalism

Customers of today prefer the minimalistic approach without distracting content that does not fit their requirements or the business goals of the organization. In the wake of 2021, more B2B websites with engaging user experience are preferred by users. Minimalism in web design is not just about the minimalistic graphic elements but the narrow color palettes or a bare minimum of text & website navigation. This minimalistic graphic design has a long way to go and must be included in your checklist for website development in 2021.

  • AIChatbots

If you are planning to target different customers across the globe, it is important to have a 24/7 available AI-based chatbot to attend to users from different time zones. Hiring a group of customer service staff can be a costly affair considering the support you need for the queries from customers. As customers demand instant automated client support, your website should be built with a chatbot powered by AI and Machine Learning. Businesses having chatbots are the ones with satisfied customers as they get quick answers & instant resolution for their queries any time of the day.

Wrapping Up

Staying updated with the latest market and development trends is essential in every industry vertical. No matter what size of business you deal with, ensure that you check the trends stated above to meet the evolving expectations of customers. If you are thinking to make your business a part of transformative change in the world of the web development field, it’s time to boost your business productivity with website development services aligned with the latest technologies and trends. Get in touch with the skilled developers of the reliable Web development Company San Jose to build full-fledged websites at reasonable development rates.